How to Create the Perfect Fall Look, Plus a Neutrogena Make-Up Giveaway!


Remember back when we interviewed Emma Roberts and make-up artist Amy Oresman about their healthy skin tips per our blog ambassador role with Neutrogena? Well, Amy Oresman is back for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week --- and she's sharing one of her favorite fall looks! With coppery cat-eyes and …
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Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week Giveaway: Two CocoaVia Prize Packs!


The following is a post sponsored by CocoaVia. For our sponsored post policy, click here. It's Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week as ya'll know --- and to help celebrate CocoaVia is giving some goodies away to two lucky U.S. readers! So just how does CocoaVia relate to aging you ask? Well, like …
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I’m Going to Do a Tough Mudder. Hold Me. (With a Giveaway!)


I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Advil®, as a part of the Advil® Relief In Action campaign. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Advil® as a product or its effectiveness.  Remember how not all that long ago I was …
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Be ‘Fierce Forward’ With These Intention Bracelets — With Giveaway!


I have a bit of a hippity-dippity question for you guys today: Do you set an intention before your workout? How about before you even start your day? What kind of energy and focus are you bringing to your fitness goals --- and your life? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Some of it has to …
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Clean Cuisine: An 8-Week Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book Review (& Giveaway!)


Here at FBG, we don't believe that there's any such thing as a "perfect" diet --- we're all individuals, and different ways of eating work for different people. (Not to mention that trying to be "perfect" with anything totally takes the fun out of everything.) However, are we always interested in …
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Review: Unleash the Power of the Female Brain (With Giveaway!)


When I first got Unleash the Power of the Female Brain here at FBG HQ, my first thought was: "Female brain. Why does it have to be a female brain?" Then I saw that the book was written by a dude, and the feminist in me got all fired up. But, after sitting down and actually, you know, reading it, I …
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Book Review: Train Your Brain to Get Thin (and a Giveaway!)


If you've been reading FBG for awhile, then you probably already know that self-love is an essential part of getting healthy and losing weight. Like, the most important thing EVA. And while that can sound a little hippity-dippity and very Stuart Smalley, it's the truth. We know it from experience, …
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If You Struggle With Food Addiction, Shades of Hope Is Your Book—and We’re Giving It Away!


The first time I heard of Shades of Hope Treatment Center and Tennie McCarty was on TV. I stumbled upon a reality show about food addiction, and I was simply fascinated with it. McCarty took people with all kinds of eating issues---anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder---and had them live …
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Could Your Running Wardrobe Use a Makeover? Here’s Your Chance!

If you're running shoes look like this, then you best enter our Run Happy giveaway! Credit: bfick

The following is a post sponsored by Brooks Running. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How's your running gear these days? Shoes in good shape? Worn and tread missing? How about your shorts and tops? Are they tattered and frayed? In need of an upgrade? Ladies, we, along with Brooks …
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The Perfect Summer Survival Kit Giveaway—and Free Sunscreen for Those Who Need It!


It's Friday! And we feel like a giveaway. (Especially since we haven't really had one since all of our fun birthday partyin'!) So behold the The Perfect Summer Survival Kit. It's up for grabs courtesy of Neutrogena to three lucky U.S. readers!  As you've probably already read, we're a blog …
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