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FBG Six-Year Birthday Monday Giveaway: Bob Harper’s New Book!


We teased it in our FBG Six-Year Birthday announcement post this morning, and here it is. A BOB GIVEAWAY! You love Bob. We clearly love Bob. And so we couldn't think of a better way to kick off the #FBGbday party than with this giveaway. Courtesy of Books for Better Living, today we're …
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Take the #FBGAntiDiet Challenge — And Be Featured and Win!


Now that the cat is really, really out of the bag about our upcoming new book The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet --- along with our rockin' pre-order promotion (Missed it? Get the deets here!) --- we want to unveil another fun thing we're doing ... The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge! To help encourage …
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Tuesday Giveaway: 3 Brad’s Raw Prize Packs (With His Book and Kale Chips!)


Is your head exploding from healthy excitement yet? With New Year New Rear Week, the announcement of the goodies we're offering when you pre-order our book (!) and Fit Bottomed Eats' birthday going on, we're pretty much in full-out party mode here at FBG HQ. And just to make things even MORE …
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An Easy Fix for Better Posture and Less Back Pain (With Giveaway!)


Ever had back pain? Wish you had better posture? Most of us can probably say "yes" to at least one --- if not both --- of these questions. I myself am lucky enough to have never had back problems (knock on wood, yo!), but my posture isn't the greatest. And seeing that I can sit for hours at a time …
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3 Winter Running Essentials — and You Can Win ‘Em!


Baby, it's effing cold outside. Like, winter --- in full effect --- cold. But that doesn't mean we're not out there running. Oh, no. We've just had to gear up properly for the colder temps. And thankfully, due to our ongoing ambassador role with Brooks Running (our product reviews are totally our …
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How to Stay ‘Svelte’ During the Holidays — With Giveaway!


The following is a post sponsored by Svelte. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We all know that the holidays can be a bit trying when it comes to staying healthy. Parties! Once-a-year indulgences! Less daylight! Shopping to do! And, um, did we mention once-a-year indulgences? If …
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Are You Supplement Savvy? (With Huge Giveaway!)


The following is a post sponsored by Rainbow Light. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How comfortable are you in the supplement aisle? Do the thousands of options ---kinds and brands and everything --- kind of freak you out? Us, too. So when we find a product or company we love, we want …
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