Biggest Loser

Pete Thomas of The Biggest Loser Helps You Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever


Pete Thomas is considered the most successful contestant to come away from NBC’s The Biggest Loser, ultimately losing 185 pounds and keeping it all off for more than seven years. He's also one of the most awesome, too, as we really, really enjoyed him on season two of the show. (Pete's the man!) And …
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Dan and Jackie Evan’s Talk Biggest Loser RunWalk (And How You Can Win a Free Entry!)

Run with fellow The Biggest Loser fans!

Have we mentioned how excited we are to have The Biggest Loser (and Bob---swoon!) back on our TV screens? Because we are. And we are super pumped to hear how BL is reaching even more into people's lives through live events. Events like Biggest Loser RunWalk, a series of three types of …
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Jillian Michaels Is Back With the New Killer Abs Workout DVD


Jillian Michaels is back! Not only back on The Biggest Loser (Woohoo!), but also back with another round of rockin’ DVDs. Killer Abs, which I know we all want---don’t lie---is her latest abdominal-crunching workout. As most of you probably know from The Biggest Loser, Jillian is one tough cookie. …
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9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Jillian Michaels


Last week, Erin took you behind the scenes with nutrition expert Joy Bauer when she recently got to sit in on media interviews at the Sweat AC event. And after a killer boot camp workout with Jillian Michaels, she was super excited to get to chat with her. Questions about The Biggest Loser and her …
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10 Healthy Cooking Substitutions From Biggest Loser Author Devin Alexander

devin alexander

This post is a part of Back to Basics Week, a week where we share fabulous how-to and beginner's content—like this post on healthy cooking substitutions from Devin Alexander—to get you and your fitness kicked up for fall!  Meet celebrity chef and author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook series, Devin …
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Win a Free Month to Bob Harper’s Online Fitness Club!

bob harper online training

So, by now, I'm guessing that you're hip to the jive that it's Bob Harper Week, right? Well, today is—sad face—the final day of our official Bob fest. (Although ya'll know we'll keep our Bob love affair going...) And we wanted to end it on a high note—and a note that leaves you with some Bob …
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Our Love for Bob Over the Years: A (Hilarious) Timeline


If you search the site for "Bob Harper," you'll come up with a whopping 13 pages of posts. Meaning, that every year, we end up gushing over Bob in one way or another in an average of  30 posts a year. Hmmm...I knew we were obsessed, but that's pretty crazy. Since it is Bob Harper Week and all—and, …
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Sitting Down With Bob Harper to Discuss CrossFit, Finding Motivation and More!

bob harper and jenn

The fun Bob Harper Week party keeps going! Because today we have an eight-minute video of just him and us, discussing all the things: his new book, his online training club (even more on that tomorrow), our workout together, CrossFit and how to get and stay motivated! Of course, I add captions in …
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Dream Realized: I Worked Out With Bob Harper (& He’s Even More Amazing in Person)

Tish sharing my Bob Harper nerves/excitement. Thankfully, she'd met him before, so she calmed my fears, reassuring me that he was super easy to talk to.

I used to have two best days of my life: the day I was born (pretty life changing, that one) and the day I got married (just a huge celebration of love). But now I can add a third to the list: the day I spent with Mr. Bob Harper. Seriously. (And, yes, my husband is okay with this.) So here's how …
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