Biggest Loser

10 Signs of an Eating Disorder (And My Thoughts on the BL Finale … )


We've been pretty mum about the whole The Biggest Loser finale Rachel Frederickson thing. But that's not because we haven't had thoughts. Oh, no. SO MANY THOUGHTS. I chatted with the girls about it, and, well, there's just been so much to consider. And so much to say. And so much speculation. But as …
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Review: Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules Workout DVD Set


Oh, Bob. It's been too long. Far, far too long. And now that you're returning to our television screens for what looks to be an amazing 15th season of The Biggest Loser, we thought: What better time to review your newest The Skinny Rules Workout DVDs than now, in anticipation of you being a part of …
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Where Are They Now? Biggest Loser 14 Contestants Jackson, Gina and Lisa


The Biggest Loser's new season (Season 15 --- can you believe there have been that many?!) starts in just a week! And to celebrate --- and because we have the BL fever bad (need our Bob fix!) --- we wanted to take a look back at a few of the contestants we absolutely fell in love with during season …
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Take a Peek in Alison Sweeney’s Healthy Fridge


Ever wondered what was in The Biggest Loser TV host Alison Sweeney's fridge? We have! So when Fit Bottomed Eats ran a post where Ali shared what she stocks --- along with her top tips for keeping your fridge organized to encourage healthy eating --- we knew we had to share it. Her tip about keeping …
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Getting Close — and Hydrated — With Brett Hoebel in NYC

Brett Hoebel with his new favorite water.

How do you like your The Biggest Loser trainers? If a smart, energetic man with smoldering good looks is your thing, then you must have had the hots for season 11’s Brett Hoebel. I recently met Brett on the set of a video shoot where he was filming segments for resource Resource Natural Spring …
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Reviewin’ For Your Viewin': The Biggest Loser Power Ab Blast

Let Bob and Dolvett pump your abs up!

If you are like me and are SUPER tired of your everyday ab workouts, then The Biggest Loser: Power Ab Blast might just pique your interest. Led by Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, you learn to have a little fun toning that tummy while watching a couple of pretty famous (and handsome) guys lead you to …
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It’s Jillian Michaels, Live!


The following is a post sponsored by the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Ever wish you could get a live pep talk from THE Jillian Michaels? Well, here's your chance. Girlfriend is bringing her knowledge and passion on tour across the U.S. …
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What Time Is it? It’s Booty Time With Brett Hoebel!


Last week, Brett Hoebel of Season 12’s The Biggest Loser, judge on Fit or Flop and creator of RevAbs, guest taught two master classes at 24 Hour Fitness in North Hollywood and Hollywood. I was lucky enough to be able to attend and see what the fuss was all about around his signature Nitro and 20 …
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Dolvett’s Predictions of Tonight’s Biggest Loser Finale (And His Thoughts on Being a Sex Symbol)

biggest loser dolvett

Fit Bottomed Dudes and Dudettes, are you excited for tonight's The Biggest Loser finale or what?! We are! And you know who else is? Dolvett! And we got to talk to him about it! Dolvett says that we'll be wowed by the contestants' transformations tonight, but that's not the No. 1 thing he's …
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Bob Harper’s High-Energy Workout Playlist


We love Bob Harper. And we love good new workout music to download. So this workout playlist Bob put together for Rdio that's eclectic, funky and high-energy? Well, obviously we're obsessed. And had to share! Bob Harper's Workout Playlist I Fink U Freeky, Die Antwoord Uprising, Muse Don't …
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