Fit Blogger We Love: Kristin Stehly of STUFT Mama


I've pretty much been a fan and friend of Kristin Stehly since we realized we were both smitten with Bob Harper when we met on the set for one of his workouts. Seeing that working out with Bob was pretty much the best day of my life, Kristin and I really shared something special. And as she got to …
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Fit Blogger We Love: Monica of Run Eat Repeat


Monica of Run Eat Repeat is awesome for a number of reasons. First, she's one heck of a fit lady, running races year round and doing it with a smile. Second, she loves all kinds of healthy foods (watermelon!) and is an intuitive eater. Third, she's a super hilarious and honest writer. And, guys, in …
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Fit Blogger We Love: Crabby McSlacker of Cranky Fitness


When we first started blogging, Cranky Fitness was one of the blogs that we always went to for a laugh. Funny, smart and many times poignant, it's continued to be one of our faves year after year. So a couple years ago when Tish and I got to meet THE Crabby McSlacker at a blogger event, I was …
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Fit Blogger We Love: Carla Birnberg of MizFitOnline


MizFitOnline was one of the first fitness blogs on the scene. And when we started FBG, we were definitely one of her biggest fans. Over the years, Carla Birnberg (aka MizFit) has inspired thousands --- including us --- to get fit and fully embrace who you are in the process. Carla is …
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Fit Blogger We Love: Tina Haupert of Carrots ‘N’ Cake


Hey, hey, hey! It's time for another edition of Fit Blogger We Love! (Check out our first feature with Caitlin Boyle here if you missed it!) And today's featured blog is Ms. Tina Haupert, author of this rad read and creator of the super popular blog Carrots 'N' Cake. A fellow CrossFit lover, Tina …
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