A Sneaky Workout to Do at Work

Business woman stretching her arm at the office

Go ahead and sneak in a workout at work. We won't tell your boss! Also, fabulous stretches you can do today, a standing challenge you won't believe and even why Starbucks spells your name wrong even though you're in there every afternoon for a mid-day work break, in today's special Work It Week …
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One-Ingredient Ice Cream


From one-ingredient ice cream deliciousness to HUGE news from FBG Erin (yay!!!) to how to make your workouts feel easier to how to make your foam-rolling sessions more effective, we are loving these FitLinks! One-ingredient ice cream that's easy to make and totally healthy. …
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Behold the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


We FBGs have been known to take a shot of apple cider vinegar from time to time, so today's post that features the pretty darn amazing (and actually backed by research) health benefits of apple cider vinegar is pretty darn rad. Plus, we've got some other hilarious and interesting reads you've just …
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Healthy Meal Plans, a Short Shorts Workout & More!


From demystifing healthy meal planning (with challenges to make it fun and easy!) to a killer legs-and-booty workout (feel the burn!) to some pretty freakin' great websites for women (us included!), these FitLinks have us using lots of exclamation points. Healthy meal plans you'll love. ---Fit …
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Boomtastic Reads for Your Holiday Weekend


Boom go the fireworks! And boom go these FitLinks! We were guilty of a couple. Are you, too? ---Yahoo! Shine That "all-natural" claim means pretty much ... well, nothing. Oye! ---Organic Authority We chat all things Anti-Diet! ---Naturally Savvy The real deal on your soreness. ---Well + …
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