What to Do — And What Not to Do — If You Think Your Friend Has an Eating Disorder


This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, so we wanted to address a serious problem that we know a lot of you have faced: what do you do when you think your friend has an eating disorder? Do you confront them? Get them help? Hope they come out of it themselves? We don't get all that …
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12 New Events Added to the Winter Olympics (And They’re Awesome)


Did you guys know that 12 new events were added to the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year? Twelve! We're talking three mixed events, four men's events and five women's events (woot!). From relays to team figure skating to snowboard slopestyle to ski halfpipe (which just looks like amazing insanity), …
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Burn More Calories With This Simple Trick …


Ever wondered which position on the elliptical burns more calories? And just how much extra energy you burn by moving those handles? Well, the good folks at Cybex International conducted a study that was published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology about its Cybex Arc Trainer (love that piece of …
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Our Most Pinned, Pinned and Pinned Posts on Pinterest!


I have to admit: I've become a little Pinterest obsessed in the last few months. Like, Pinterest went from being something to have fun on to an integral part of my day and life, storing ideas on everything from the perfect gluten-free recipe to something polka-dotted that I clearly need in my life …
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Need Advice? Help Getting Motivated? Come Hang Out With Us!


Note from the FBGs: So, UM, this clearly didn't go as planned and a few technical difficulties turned into an all out inability to do the Hangout as we wanted. Or really, at all. We are SO sorry. We showered and everything. But, the good news is that we WILL do this again, maybe just on another …
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Ditch the Deprivation and Get the Anti-Diet — With Pre-Order Freebies You Can Get Today!


We spilled the beans that we were writing A BOOK (!) months ago, but today we're announcing another layer of super-duper awesome on top of that: A free mini book plus three fun recipes when you pre-order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet that drops in May! Basically, here's how it went down: …
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