Are You At Your Happy Weight?

We can help you love a truly healthy lifestyle.

Earlier this month, we shared a few of our top tips for finding your "happy weight." Now, don't get it twisted. To us, "happy weight" is more of a feeling or a comfortableness in your own skin rather than some unrealistic, ideal number you're chasing. After all, no matter your size and the number on …
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How Hard Do You Like Your Workout DVDs to Be?

Do you like your workout DVDs to get you super sweaty? Credit: Kullez

Is it just us, or have you guys also noticed that workout DVDs seem to be getting tougher and tougher these days? That the aerobics routines where you dance and bounce around have been traded out for high-intensity interval training where the sweat pours and your heart pounds loudly in your ears? …
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