Workout I Did: All the Planks! (ALL of Them!)


I've always harbored a real affinity for planks. Number one, they're (relatively) easy to do wherever you are --- they require so little room that I've done them in New York hotel rooms. (I might've had my head at one wall and my feet near the other, but still, I could do it.) Number two, you can …
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Nutrition on the Go: Stack It, Shake It and Go!


When I travel, I carry a water bottle and about a million (or, you know, like, five) little Ziploc bags full of my supplements, my protein powder and my healthy travel snacks. Sometimes the Ziploc bags tear by being tossed around in my bag, something leaks or they generally just begin to get kind of …
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My PaleoFX 2013 and Black Swan Yoga Adventure in Austin


Ya'll know how I'm mostly Paleo, right? Well, as I teased on Fit Bottomed Eats a couple of weeks ago, I took my Paleo eating and living to the next level by going with my bud Sheryl to the PaleoFX 2013 conference in Austin. We stayed with Sheryl's friend, Alejandra, and the whole thing was just …
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My 3 Favorite Hotel Room Exercises


Over the last couple of months, I traveled quite a bit. Well, for me, at least. I mean, most of the time, my commute involves walking from my bedroom to the kitchen and over to my home office, so, come autumn, when I suddenly have to fly to a few trade shows and conferences, well, that's a real …
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Race Travel: A Few Observations

packing list-crop

Although I've gone out of town for many, many races, this weekend's 10K in New York City is the first for which I've actually had to get on a plane. As I'm making lists and packing for my trip, I'm realizing that there's really no "one size fits all" plan for packing for an out-of-town race, so I …
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