Magic Bullets Suck

Vector illustration. Cartoon hand drawing magic unicorn.

I've really, really been enjoying the answers to our Question of the Week about whether or not we'd take a magic pill to be fit if it existed. And while I think both Susan and Karen have made the point that getting fit and being fit is more about the journey than the destination and I couldn't agree …
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5 Real FBGs: What Fit Really Looks Like


Need a reminder that fitness comes in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds? Yep, we've got you covered because these five beautiful readers are proof that “fit” is not one size fits all! And that's what makes the beautiful world go round. Prepare to get inspired! (And see all the Real FBGs here!) 1. …
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The Science-Based Secrets to Boosting Your Confidence


Today, with all the social media, Photoshopped magazine photos and popular ideal of a size zero, it's no wonder younger girls' and women's self-confidence has sunk to an all-time low. But self-confidence isn't just about how you look. It affects everything in your life and extends to how you feel …
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5 Real FBGs: Fit Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes!


Last month we shared what 25 amazing, fit, beautiful and real women looked like. And it was such a success that we're making it a regular feature here on FBG! We got so many inspiring and beautiful entries that we just had to keep sharing them. So, behold another five readers who show that "fit" is …
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