Giving Back: Accessories You’ll Love to Love

nikki necklace

What you wear makes a statement, whether you want it to or not. It sends the world a message, of course --- and what I love about fashion in general is that it gives you the option to craft that message to be exactly what you want it to be --- but it can send an inner message, too, which is what …
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5 Ways This Former Biggest Loser Contestant Learned to Love Herself


Gosh, we love weight-loss success stories that feature a healthy dose of self-love! Which is why we especially love this guest post from Alexandra Cristin, a certified holistic health coach, plus-size model and entrepreneur in New York City. After losing more than 100 pounds and keeping the weight …
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7 Positive Body Image Apparel Companies


Fashion doesn't exactly have the best rep when it comes to promoting positive body image. But, seeing that it's Love Yo'Self Week and all --- and because we love to call out peeps for doing the feel-good loving-women-of-all-sizes-and-shapes thing --- we thought we'd highlight seven companies that …
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Feel the (Self) Love: Week 2 of the February Fit Bottomed Challenge


Who's ready for Week 2 of the February Fit Bottomed Challenge? Especially with Valentine's Day coming up, the theme being Love Yo'Self and it being Love Yo'Self Week? It's like the love is everywhere! And that's how we like it. What to Expect This Week of the Fit Bottomed Challenge: February …
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How Janel Became an Iron Girl

Underwater view of a swimming pool

We are so happy to be featuring a reader success story from our girl Janel for Love Yo'Self Week! Not to give it all away (you gotta read it for yourself!), but Janel went from 330 pounds to completing a half Ironman!  Read on for details and get ready to be inspired! In the spring of 2001, I was …
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Want a Healthy Body Image? Get It With Love Yo’Self Week!


Who's ready to feel the love?! We are! And as we do every year around Valentine's Day, it's time for Love Yo'Self Week! Now, we've already been doing the Love Yo'Self theme for the February Fit Bottomed Challenge and all (deets here!), but this week we'll be amping that message up even more. …
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How to Support Your Endurance Athlete

support athlete

Deciding to compete in an endurance event is a big deal. When I first started contemplating the half-Iron distance, my coach made things very clear: Be prepared to sacrifice other aspects of your life for at least three or four months leading up to the race, or just don't bother. And he was right …
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Take the February Fit Bottomed Challenge: Love Yo’Self!


We hinted that it was coming, and now it's here: the February Fit Bottomed Challenge! While last month's challenge was all about the New Year and the New Rear, this month we're challenging you to "Love  Yo'Self" a little bit more. Most people think of Valentines Day and L-O-V-E when they think of …
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