6 Reasons to Sweat It Out Over Skype


Wish you had more fit friends to work out with? Go online! Not only can you make new buds who like to sweat online but also you can connect with fit pros or long-distance friends, giving you the BFF support you need to reach your healthy goals. And one of the best ways to do that is through Skype. …
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Magic Bullets Suck

Vector illustration. Cartoon hand drawing magic unicorn.

I've really, really been enjoying the answers to our Question of the Week about whether or not we'd take a magic pill to be fit if it existed. And while I think both Susan and Karen have made the point that getting fit and being fit is more about the journey than the destination and I couldn't agree …
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4 Natural Constipation Fixes


Decorum dictates that one speaks not of religion or politics while in polite company. At FBG, we happily avoid such contentious subjects, but aren’t afraid to dive head first into the poop! Er, I mean the topic of poop, or actually, the lack thereof. Emily Post be damned, we’re talking …
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Why I Work Out — And Would Never Take a Magic Pill


Karen posed this question ... What would your life be like if some kind of pill existed that kept you fit?  No such thing exists --- even though advertisers would like you to believe so. But if it did, how would your life be different? What would you have missed out on or what lessons would you …
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My Plan of Attack to Get Back on Track


I’ve been at this healthy lifestyle biz a long time (has it been three decades?!) and even a seasoned veteran like myself can get off track. The signs are easy to recognize: wonky digestion, a strong gravitational pull toward sweat pants and a general slug-like feeling. My first rule: don’t …
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