What to Expect From Your First Personal Training Session


Most gym memberships these days include a free personal training session --- which is such a tempting offer. But what exactly should you expect at that first session? If you have watched any episode of The Biggest Loser you might have visions of Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper yelling at you to "dig …
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What to Expect From Your First Deep Tissue Massage

woman getting a shoulder massage in the massage office

If your hamstrings will not respond to even the meanest foam roller at your gym and your back continually feels achy, it might be time to get a deep tissue massage. Some people are turned off at the very idea of it, as it seems to be more of a luxury than a beneficial practice. But trust us when we …
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How Summer Brings Out Disordered Eating (and How to Spot It)


We grow up looking forward to summer every year. The freedom! The sunshine! The cookouts! The vacations! But if you --- or someone you care about --- struggle with disordered eating (and according to the National Eating Disorders Association, 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from a …
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Long-Distance Fit Friendships


A few months ago, I moved to Salt Lake City. Though I was glad to get out of the Phoenix heat, I wasn’t so okay with leaving behind my circle of friends. In Arizona, I was only one text message away from a workout buddy; here in Utah, my contacts list is empty. I’ve tried --- and, if I must be …
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Magic Bullets Suck

Vector illustration. Cartoon hand drawing magic unicorn.

I've really, really been enjoying the answers to our Question of the Week about whether or not we'd take a magic pill to be fit if it existed. And while I think both Susan and Karen have made the point that getting fit and being fit is more about the journey than the destination and I couldn't agree …
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4 Natural Constipation Fixes


Decorum dictates that one speaks not of religion or politics while in polite company. At FBG, we happily avoid such contentious subjects, but aren’t afraid to dive head first into the poop! Er, I mean the topic of poop, or actually, the lack thereof. Emily Post be damned, we’re talking …
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