Weight Loss

Bethenny Frankel’s Top 3 Healthy Habits


Bethenny Frankel is one busy lady. Between having her own TV show, blog and full lifestyle brand (cocktails!), Bethenny is also a mom and just recently launched a new line of nutrition bars. We got the chance to chat with her about all that --- and her new Healthy Habits challenge, which we'll have …
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How to Free Yourself From Calorie Counting (And Lose Weight)!


Yesterday we shared a review of Jonathan Bailor's new book, The Calorie Myth, and today, as promised, we're sharing 10 of his top tips to freeing yourself from calorie-counting and how to eat S-A-N-E! Jonathan Bailor’s 10 Tips for SANE Eating 1. Free yourself from calorie counting. There are …
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Review: The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor


A while ago, we ran two posts from Jonathan Bailor all about the "calorie myth" and why counting calories doesn't work and how all calories are not equal. The posts were brilliant (check them out here and here). And now Jonathan has taken those ideas, TONS of research and examples, and put them …
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Why the Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good


Dieting sucks. Tying your self-worth to a number on the scale sucks. Deprivation sucks. Forcing yourself to do a workout you despise sucks. So, um, it's no wonder people seem to think that being "healthy" is boring or tortuous! That's why we're all about you finding and developing your own healthy …
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Our Most Pinned, Pinned and Pinned Posts on Pinterest!


I have to admit: I've become a little Pinterest obsessed in the last few months. Like, Pinterest went from being something to have fun on to an integral part of my day and life, storing ideas on everything from the perfect gluten-free recipe to something polka-dotted that I clearly need in my life …
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You Can’t Do It All — And That’s Okay!


There's a well-known rule in the fitness world that's pretty common sense yet we tend to forget it over and over again: You can't do it all. What? That statement made you feel like a failure? That's okay; the "can't" word tends to do that to people. But, again, this is for your good --- …
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Take the #FBGAntiDiet Challenge — And Be Featured and Win!


Now that the cat is really, really out of the bag about our upcoming new book The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet --- along with our rockin' pre-order promotion (Missed it? Get the deets here!) --- we want to unveil another fun thing we're doing ... The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge! To help encourage …
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Are You Working Out Hard Enough? An Easy Trick to Find Out!


Think you need a fancy heart-rate monitor or other device to see if you're working out hard enough? While those can be amazeballs, something as simple as the Perceived Level of Exertion Scale can tell you if you're working out hard enough --- or too hard. To help explain what the heck the Perceived …
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Ditch the Deprivation and Get the Anti-Diet — With Pre-Order Freebies You Can Get Today!


We spilled the beans that we were writing A BOOK (!) months ago, but today we're announcing another layer of super-duper awesome on top of that: A free mini book plus three fun recipes when you pre-order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet that drops in May! Basically, here's how it went down: …
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5 Affordable Workout Ideas You Can Do at Work


Think you don't have the time or the money to fit in a workout or be more active? Not so! For New Year New Rear Week, we've got five great workout ideas from TOPS Club that you can do at work! They'll not only help you cross "work out" off your to-do list, but they'll also give you a total energy …
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