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FitHits: A Britney Circus

Credit: compulsiveprep_8

Jenn and I haven't made it a secret that we're fans of the Britney Spears comeback. We've reviewed both of her most recent albums, Blackout and Circus, and regularly have her older music in our workout playlist rotation. She's definitely a pop diva whose music pumps us up during serious cardio …
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♪ Katy Perry: One of the Boys

I tried to dislike Katy Perry for a long time. "I Kissed a Girl" was so over the top and supposed to be shocking and scandalous that it irritated the heck out of me. Plus, she routinely includes watermelons in her wardrobe. I love fruits, but come on. And then I started humming the darn song. On …
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Lady GaGa: The Fame

Even the most die-hard Britney Spears fans have to take a break and spice up the workout music selection now and again, so I finally gave my poor overplayed Circus album a rest to try out Lady GaGa’s The Fame. While Lady GaGa was flying under my radar, I’m not sure how: She’s opened for the Pussycat …
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Beyoncé: I Am… Sasha Fierce


Beyoncé has been the definition of fierce even before her new album introducing her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, was released. Whether it was back in the Destiny’s Child era or her more recent days with my faves like Irreplaceable or Ring the Alarm, Beyoncé has had me belting out tunes in the car for …
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♪ Britney Spears: Circus


You knew this was coming, right? I mean, really, could the FBGs sit back and not notice the biggest comeback since wheat bread? Brit has been everywhere. From a documentary on MTV to a performance on Good Morning America to quite literally dancing her butt off to getting her life together, …
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♪ Pussycat Dolls: Doll Domination

Perhaps the most interestingly fashionable ladies in the pop world today (and by "interesting" I mean questionable—who wears a sky blue bra on a bike?!), the Pussycat Dolls have kind of taken the world by storm. They began in the 90s as a modern burlesque troupe, transitioned into a reality TV show …
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♪ Beck: Modern Guilt

I've been a Beck fan since high school. I mean, really, with opening lines like "In the days of chimpanzees, I was a monkey" and some crazy wicked beats, he gets your attention. And over the years, his sound has changed and evolved, going from sampling to techno to hip hop to even slow, instrumental …
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