Take Your Workout Tunes With You Everywhere


It's funny. Two years ago, I was ALL about the iPod when running. One year ago, the iShuffle and I were besties. But today, my go-to choice for tunes is my phone. As they say, times they are a-changing, and technology comes and goes faster than you can say: Drop and give me 10 burpees! (No, you …
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Rykä’s Purple Power: Testing Out Leggings and Training Shoes


Many moons ago, the weather got colder. Much colder. And as I pulled out my millionth pair of workout capris hoping for pants, I knew something had to be done. I knew I needed full-leg coverage, and I needed it before the Polar Vortex! Okay, so back then I didn't know the Polar Vortex was coming or …
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L.L.Bean Review: Winter, You’re Not Keeping Us Indoors!


Winter hasn't been very nice this year. That whole "Polar Vortex" thing? Um, not cool, Robert Frost. But, despite the unlivable, beyond-freezing temps it bestowed upon most of the country (those of you that live on the West Coast, consider yourself lucky), one very good thing came out of the …
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3 Winter Running Essentials — and You Can Win ‘Em!


Baby, it's effing cold outside. Like, winter --- in full effect --- cold. But that doesn't mean we're not out there running. Oh, no. We've just had to gear up properly for the colder temps. And thankfully, due to our ongoing ambassador role with Brooks Running (our product reviews are totally our …
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Brooks Running Review: An ‘Essential’ Fall Outfit


Another month, another Brooks Running review! And this one is perfect for a warmer fall day or an indoor run on the treadie! And remember, we are a Brooks Running blog ambassador, but these product reviews are totally our honest opinions! Brooks Running Equilibrium LS II Besides just being plain …
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