Looking Great at Every Age: The Pros Share Their Top Tips

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I wholeheartedly believe that beauty knows no age, but I'm also pragmatic and understand that the clothes and make-up and overall beauty routine that worked for me back when I was struggling through Algebra II are not great choices for me as I hit my mid-30s. And that's not entirely because trends …
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How to Create the Perfect Fall Look, Plus a Neutrogena Make-Up Giveaway!


Remember back when we interviewed Emma Roberts and make-up artist Amy Oresman about their healthy skin tips per our blog ambassador role with Neutrogena? Well, Amy Oresman is back for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week --- and she's sharing one of her favorite fall looks! With coppery cat-eyes and …
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Some Workouts Really Do Get Better With Age


There are some things that get better with age. You probably already know two of the cliches: wine and cheese. And while that's certainly true, I'd like to add a third one to the list: workouts. No, no, stay with me here. I'm serious. For Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week, I got to thinking about …
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Introducing Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week!


For more than a year now, we FBGs have been talking about putting together a special week of content that celebrated women. And while every day we're all about celebrating ladies of all shapes, sizes and races, we don't talk about age that much. Sure, occasionally it pops up in a post about one of …
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An Active Wedding Ring? Meet the QALO Ring That’s Designed for Workouts


A few weeks ago I tied the knot with my lovely bride FBG Tish. My excitement about marrying her was through the roof, and I have to admit, the thought of wearing a wedding ring was a big deal for me as well. Normally, wearing a ring wouldn't be a problem at all, but we knew our honeymoon would …
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Be ‘Fierce Forward’ With These Intention Bracelets — With Giveaway!


I have a bit of a hippity-dippity question for you guys today: Do you set an intention before your workout? How about before you even start your day? What kind of energy and focus are you bringing to your fitness goals --- and your life? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Some of it has to …
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A Detergent for Funk-Free Workout Clothes and a Clean Yoga Mat


The cleanliness posts just keep coming! (Seriously --- we're like obsessed lately.) But, if you've ever had to re-wash --- or even toss --- a workout top or a pair of shorts due to them smelling too funky for words, then you know just how important this topic is. Like Tish said in her recent Fit Tip …
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5 Healthy Skin Secrets From Emma Roberts and Amy Oresman


We've been talking about skin health a lot lately. From sunscreen to getting your skin checked, this time of year when the sun is blazing it's on all our minds! So when, per our brand ambassador relationship with Neutrogena, we had the chance to chat with actress Emma Roberts and celeb make-up …
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