Is the Secret to True Health Found in Our Cells?


Tish and I were at a recent media event when we got to chatting with one fellow about a new supplement called everycell. Now, we're not big fans of supplements in these parts unless they're your basic ones: multivitamin, fish oil, maybe some vitamin D, but nothing crazy. And everycell? Well, …
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Get FabFitFun With a Seasonal Beauty Box (Plus Coupon!)


We're the first to admit that sometimes our wardrobe is made up of too many pairs of yoga pants and sneakers. And ponytails. And sports bras. And Chapstick. And, man, where is that darn nail file? And a clean pair of underwear? It's not just us who does that, right? So, ahem, sometimes a …
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Can a Natural Deodorant Really Stand Up to Sweaty Workouts? We Put One to the Test!


I really like the idea of natural deodorants. I mean, does anyone really want to seep aluminum into their pores? Not me. But I've tried a lot of different natural deodorant brands before, and they've just never quite done the trick. They didn't last as long. They didn't fight wetness. They masked …
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A Reader Makes Peace With a Store — and Finds True Love With a Sports Bra


Fit Bottomed reader Jodi Danziger (you've seen her here!) has fallen in love ... with a sports bra. So much so that for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week she wants to shout it from the rooftops! You know, the online ones. Jodi loves working out and currently lives in Kansas City, Mo., where she is a …
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Looking Great at Every Age: The Pros Share Their Top Tips

mother daughter

I wholeheartedly believe that beauty knows no age, but I'm also pragmatic and understand that the clothes and make-up and overall beauty routine that worked for me back when I was struggling through Algebra II are not great choices for me as I hit my mid-30s. And that's not entirely because trends …
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How to Create the Perfect Fall Look, Plus a Neutrogena Make-Up Giveaway!


Remember back when we interviewed Emma Roberts and make-up artist Amy Oresman about their healthy skin tips per our blog ambassador role with Neutrogena? Well, Amy Oresman is back for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week --- and she's sharing one of her favorite fall looks! With coppery cat-eyes and …
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Some Workouts Really Do Get Better With Age


There are some things that get better with age. You probably already know two of the cliches: wine and cheese. And while that's certainly true, I'd like to add a third one to the list: workouts. No, no, stay with me here. I'm serious. For Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week, I got to thinking about …
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Introducing Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week!


For more than a year now, we FBGs have been talking about putting together a special week of content that celebrated women. And while every day we're all about celebrating ladies of all shapes, sizes and races, we don't talk about age that much. Sure, occasionally it pops up in a post about one of …
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