Our Most Exciting Post EVER: Pre-Order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet!


This might possibly---okay, definitely---be the most amazing and exciting post we've ever written on FBG. Because Erin and I finally get to confess a secret we've been keeping from you, our dear readers since last fall: We have written an FBG book! Based on all of our principles and experiences and …
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Believe You Can With This Empowering Training Journal

Track your goals, your runs and all of your successes with this feel-good training journal.

There are a bunch of ways to track your workouts and runs. And most of them are very usable and helpful. They do what they set out to do: track yo' stuff and see your progress. Which is motivational for sure, but it doesn't exactly allow for a lot of creativity or daydreaming---especially for newbie …
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Your Guide to Ultimate Obstacle Race Training


Doing any kind of race is fun. (I know---I just did a SUPER fab one and Kristen just rocked hers!) But these days, racing is about more than just road running and tris. There's trail running and crazy obstacles and color and glow sticks and zombies---and mud. Oh my gosh, there's so much mud. It …
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The Book We Wish We Had When We Were Younger—and How You Can Win It!


Being a teen can be tough. Heck, being an adult woman can be hard sometimes, especially when it comes to all the crazy pants (and crazy wrong!) messages we get about how we need to look like this and weigh that to be beautiful or even worthy. So when we had the opportunity to work on a project for …
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3 Healthy Spring Reads: Fiction, Non-fiction and Jillian Michaels!


The weather has been so gloriously springy lately that I really want to do nothing more than go for a run, then come back and sit in the sunshine with a good book and a big ol' glass of iced tea. Or coconut water. Or---who am I kidding?---wine. And if you're interested in some new healthy reads to …
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Have a Teen Girl in Your Life? We Wrote a Book for Her!


Breaking news out of FBG HQ: A Girl’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness—our very own book—is available for purchase! Zest Books, a publisher of teen nonfiction, came knocking on our FBG doors what seems like forever ago. After careful consideration, by which I mean we jumped up and down shouting “YES! …
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FitLit Review: The Runner’s Guide to Yoga


I believe 2013, for me, is going to be The Year of Yoga. (I've also declared it The Year of: Beach Cruisers, Soup and Cheese, so take from that what you will.) But, in all seriousness, I've been ramping up my yoga game in the last couple of months, and I fully intend to keep doing so. I've had …
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We Bet You’ll Learn Something New: A Review of The First 20 Minutes


When it comes to workouts, I'm a bit of a science nerd. I like the research. I like digging into the studies. And I like to know the latest on what works and what doesn't. Because of these facts, I don't just like Gretchen Reynolds' (you might recognize her name from her gig as, you know, a …
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Review: Cardio Core 4×4 by Jay Cardiello


So the cover got my attention for obvious reasons. Nice abs, Jay Cardiello. Nice abs, indeed. But then the title caught my eye, too. A 20-minute no-gym workout that will transform your body? Get huge results in just a little bit of time a day? Well, that sounds good, but nothing particularly new, ya …
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