How I Would Change Magazines (If I Could)


This entire week, we’re featuring select posts and articles by some of the best-of-the-best writers and bloggers across the World Wide Web as part of FBG’s second-annual Guest Bloggers' Week. Click here to see all of the great guest posts that inspire, make us think and crack us the heck up! Hey …
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FitLit: Health vs. Women’s Health


We haven't done one of these puppies in a long time, so brace yourself. It's time for our head-to-head magazine ruuummmbbbllle! Today we have Health dueling it out with Women's Health for the title of best health-related July/August issue! Almost a year ago, Health won Erin's vote for top healthy …
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FitLit: Oxygen vs. Women’s Health

Our first FBG magazine face-off included some of the fluffier women’s fitness magazines available. This time around, we decided to go a little more hard-core, with Oxygen and Women’s Health magazines. These magazines have little or no emphasis on beauty, style and fashion, and focus much more on …
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