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Handsfree Roundup: InCase, BANDI, Armpocket and Fitletic

handsfree roundup

Whether your workout of choice is running, strength training, dancing, or anything else, two things are pretty likely. One, you're gonna have stuff --- your gym card, keys, phone, ID, etc. And two, you don't want to carry it in your sweaty little hands the whole time. Happily, there are a host of …
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The Walkman Is Back — and Totally Wireless and Waterproof


Remember the good ol' days of the Sports Walkman? Oh, it seems as though it was yesterday. Until, that is, you realize that your current iPod Shuffle is about 400 times better when working out. But, it seems as though the Walkman is making a comeback --- and in the best way possible. Two …
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Yes! Change Is Easy! (Or, at Least Easier With These Cards)


Want to work out more? Weigh less? Eat more veggies? Drink more water? Have more time for you? Get a promotion? If you've got goals --- and hopefully you do because goals are awesome --- you probably know that you can't usually just set a goal and then have it magically happen. You have to work at …
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Chilling Out for Race Day


What is it about me and fall? The last two years, I've made big plans for my last tri of the year, and the last two years, I've ended up injured and not as well-trained as I'd planned. Last year, it was my back. This year, it was a mix of just not quite feeling the eye of the tiger, then screwing up …
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Review: Withings Smart Body Analyzer and Pulse


We're so into not being defined by the number on the scale, but knowledge is power. And knowledge like your resting heart rate, body fat percentage and the CO2 levels in your room is dang cool and totally helpful when it comes to tracking your health and fitness. Especially when that data is …
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Get Your Om on With These 5 New Yoga Goodies


Calling all yoga lovers! We have found five new yoga goodies that have us smitten. Whether you do yoga at home, on the go, in the studio, outdoors or, well, anywhere (there's one you don't even need to be doing yoga to rock), we think you'll love 'em! Say it with us now: OM! …
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Boing! Boing! We Try Nordic Walking With BungyPump

BungyPump it up.

So the Swedes have been doing a fun new workout lately; one that's now making its way to the U.S. One that looks like walking or hiking, but has an added twist to it. A bungy twist, if you will. Instead of us describing it to you, we might as well just show you how Nordic walking is done. It …
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Do Interval Workouts Like a Boss With This Timer


We've always loved interval workouts, but lately, we've really, really loved them. From timed circuit-training to Tabata (oh, Tabata, the love/hate relationship we have with you!), there's nothing better than an interval workout to get you feeling the burn in a short amount of time. But timing those …
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Work It With a Standing Desk


Remember back when we reviewed a treadmill desk? Well, if not, spoiler: I loved the idea. Getting more activity while you work is brilliant. However, investing in a treadmill and having possibly two desks to work from --- because, you probably don't want to walk on it all day every day --- is a bit, …
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