Dr. Lisa Yoga Blast Workout DVD Review: More Like Fun Dance Blast!


If you're like me (and, hey, it's me FBG intern Maria again!), then sometimes working out can seem more like a chore than anything else---and chores are easy to procrastinate and put off. Getting in shape and being a healthier you is hard if you don’t have a workout routine that fits who you are. So …
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Turbo Fire Review: It’s All Fired Up


After my marathon, I needed something else to keep me going with my workouts. Jenn gave me the Turbo Fire DVDs, and I thought, "Hey, why not?" I thought it looked intense, but I was determined to tackle it (check out my progress, phase by phase here, here and here). Chalene Johnson, the …
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Have a Kinect? Just Dance!


You know the age-old "I don't have time" excuse? Well, there have been a few reviews, like this review of Just Dance 3 for the Xbox 360, that I’ve put off for just that reason. At first, the reason was legitimate. After all, it came in the mail right when my son was born. But then it kept getting …
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Learning Some willPower and Grace With Stacey Lei Krauss’ DVD


WillPower and Grace—Did you just think of that 90s show, too? Well, kick that thought out because the DVD that Stacey Lei Krauss (creator of one of the hottest workouts of the year!) has in store for you is way better than any TV show! The only way I can describe it is yoga meets aerobics, well …
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Barely Made the Bar with Zayna Gold’s Boston Body Barre DVD


If I once was a Bostonian, am I always a Bostonian? I’m not quite sure, nevertheless the pride which comes from living in Boston for five-years has always stuck with me. It’s one of those things, like when you see a Boston Red Sox cap or a Patriots jersey and you just want to call out “Hey, I used …
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Gettin’ a Booty Makeover With Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift


Good Morning Class! This morning in Fit Bottomed 101, we will be conducting an experiment (mwahahaha)… Experiment: How Brazilian is Your Bottom? Hypotheses, please. Materials: -No. 2 pencil -YOUR Booty Procedure: Please take out a No. 2 pencil and stand up. Now place the pencil in …
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We Go to Butt School, Pop Physique’s Cardio Butt School (With Giveaway!)

cardio butt school

For obvious reasons, we like workouts that target the buttocks area. (Yes, I just said "buttocks" in all seriousness.) While your rump doesn't have to look a certain way to be considered "fit bottomed," it does have to get moving (with a lot of self love back behind it—pun fully intended!). And …
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Learning to Move and Groove with Louis van Amstel’s LaBlast: Let’s Dance

louis van amstel

1…2…cha cha cha…3…4…cha cha cha…Yes, I…cha cha cha…got my…cha cha cha…dance on…cha cha cha. Don’t change the page! I won’t put you through my review to the beat of the music. Promise. But if you couldn’t guess, I danced my way through the new dance workout DVD by Louis van Amstel, LaBlast: Let’s …
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Review: Hooping It Up With Hoopnotica Minis


We are always in pursuit of new fun workouts. While we've tried the hooping-craze a few times before (FBG Tish tried a Hoop Trainer class, and we did a little "hooping" at the Jamba Juice event earlier this year), mini hooping was a new concept to us. Okay, so it's not like it's hard to understand: …
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Review: Ellen Barrett Live Power Fusion

ellen barrett power fusion

I remember last year when Fit Bottomed Mamas interviewed Ellen Barrett. One line that I loved from the Q&A was her advice on workouts: "Workouts can be nurturing or they can be abuse. Choose nurturing." Simple but sage advice that really speaks to the Fit Bottomed Girls' philosophy of choosing …
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