Learning Some willPower and Grace With Stacey Lei Krauss’ DVD


WillPower and Grace—Did you just think of that 90s show, too? Well, kick that thought out because the DVD that Stacey Lei Krauss (creator of one of the hottest workouts of the year!) has in store for you is way better than any TV show! The only way I can describe it is yoga meets aerobics, well …
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Watching (and Changing) the Weight of the Nation (With Giveaway!)


There are days that I really miss school. Like, I miss going to class and studying and even, cough, taking exams. (Yep, I might have been that annoying girl you sat next to in class who took a million notes and highlighted virtually everything she read. Sorry.) I think that's a lot of the reason why …
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Giving Gumby a Run for his Money with Donna Flagg’s Lastics DVD

Stretch it out. Credit: lululemon athletica

I’m not the biggest person on stretching—gasp! How can that be true? It’s not that I don’t believe stretching is important, but when I only have an hour to get in and out of the gym, I’d rather spend my time doing one last lift than seeing how far I can stretch. With that said, I always know when …
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Review: Hooping It Up With Hoopnotica Minis


We are always in pursuit of new fun workouts. While we've tried the hooping-craze a few times before (FBG Tish tried a Hoop Trainer class, and we did a little "hooping" at the Jamba Juice event earlier this year), mini hooping was a new concept to us. Okay, so it's not like it's hard to understand: …
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7 Documentaries to Watch to Celebrate Earth Day 2012

earth day 2012

Why are all of the FBGs discussing green fitness stuff this week? Because it's Fit Bottomed Earth Week, silly! Sure, you've already seen (and been terrified by) An Inconvenient Truth, but what about these seven other Earth documentaries? From showing you the dark side of the food supply to …
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Review and Giveaway: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing

breathe: perfect harmony of breathing

We've dipped our toes into the meditation waters a few times around these parts, so I was excited when Breathe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing landed in my mailbox. Who doesn't need to take a moment (or 20) to herself every now and then to just breathe? Turns out, I had to test out the DVD after …
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Work Out with Your Workout Music: Spin Coach Volume 1

spin coach

We're all about the workout music. After all, nothing pumps you up for a workout like some good heart-thumping tunes. But an album that combines workout music with an actual workout led by a fitness expert? Well, hello, that's even better! So when our pal Deekron of Motion Traxx—you may remember the …
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Review: Flabs 2 Abs (And Two Super-Goofy Dudes)


I'm not sure what I was thinking when I popped in the Flabs 2 Abs DVD. With two goofy looking dudes (look closely; there are only two guys—not four) on the cover shown lifting weights and pointing at the camera, I clearly knew I was not the target audience for this DVD. But because of said goofy …
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Trying Tai Chi & Qi Gong for the First Time


Sure, I dig yoga and meditation. And most would probably consider me to be a little crunchier or more hippity-dippity than your average gal. But despite these things, I had never tried the Chinese martial art Tai Chi—let alone Qi Gong. Heck, I could barely spell the former or pronounce the latter. …
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