Becoming the Ultimate You With Travis Eliot’s The Ultimate Yogi (& Giveaway!)

travis eliot

Move over P90X and make way for The Ultimate Yogi ($124.95). The 108-day transformation includes a daily yoga guide, program calendar and nutritional plan. Each practice is lead by Yogi instructor Travis Eliot (who sounds like Matthew McConaughey … ahhh, music to my ears!), who gives detailed …
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Canyon Ranch: Strong & Sculpted Workout DVD Review

canyon ranch dvd

If you know and love fitness like I do, then the words Canyon Ranch may make you melt. Canyon Ranch is a dream getaway for every Fit Bottomed Girl who wants an experience full of healthy eating, fitness, overall wellness and, of course, spa treatments—I’m sore here, here and here…ahh much better. …
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Get in Touch with Nature With Jo Tastula’s High Vibrations Yoga

yoga dvd

Why are all of the FBGs discussing green and natural fitness stuff this week? Because it's Fit Bottomed Earth Week, silly! There are so many things to be thankful for in life, and sometimes with all the hustle of our everyday activities, we forget to stay in the moment. It’s in this moment and …
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Review: Ellen Barrett Live Power Fusion

ellen barrett power fusion

I remember last year when Fit Bottomed Mamas interviewed Ellen Barrett. One line that I loved from the Q&A was her advice on workouts: "Workouts can be nurturing or they can be abuse. Choose nurturing." Simple but sage advice that really speaks to the Fit Bottomed Girls' philosophy of choosing …
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Review and Giveaway: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing

breathe: perfect harmony of breathing

We've dipped our toes into the meditation waters a few times around these parts, so I was excited when Breathe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing landed in my mailbox. Who doesn't need to take a moment (or 20) to herself every now and then to just breathe? Turns out, I had to test out the DVD after …
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Review: Core Fusion Power Sculpt (with Giveaway!)

core fusion power sculpt

Since I've been training for a half marathon, I've found myself craving workouts that allow me to stretch my running muscles. There's been a lot of yoga happening in this household, is what I'm saying, and I've really slacked off on the strength training. Core Fusion Power Sculpt just debuted the …
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Review: Shiva Rea More Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Pretty much all workouts boost my mood and level of energy level, but yoga is especially good at leaving me in a different state of mind. I'm familiar with Shiva Rea, so when her new DVD, More Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga was released, I was totally game, especially with the time change—I was …
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Review: Kristin McGee’s Power Yoga (and Giveaway!)

kristin mcgee power yoga

It's hard to find a yoga that's both hippity-dippity and a good workout. One that stretches you out, strengthens you, doesn't make you feel silly with the airy-fairy stuff and yet relaxes you and allows you to connect to your breath, too. Yep, it's a tall yoga order. And one that Kristin McGee's …
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Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout: Does the Real Housewife Deliver a Real Workout?


Even though we focus on being fit over being skinny here at Fit Bottomed Girls, I've learned not to judge a workout by its DVD cover. Plus, Jenn reviewed Bethenny Frankel's first DVD, as did I, and we both found it to be pretty decent. So, despite the fact that I have yet to watch an episode of "The …
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