Raising an Olympian: P&G and Athletes Say Thank You, Mom!


The following is a post sponsored by P&G. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How many Olympians have you seen in an interview, just after they've done something amazing (and, um, they're Olympians so they're always doing something amazing!), immediately thank one particular person …
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Starbucks Drake Hands, FBG-Style


You know the Starbucks Drake Hands video that has been everywhere these days? (If not, here you go.) Well, we thought it might be fun to make one --- each with our very own Fit Bottomed twist. Prepare to be "seduced" with healthiness, ya'll ... If you were to seduce someone with fitness, how …
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Workouts Over the Decades — Talk About a Revolution!


The following is a post sponsored by LES MILLS. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Oh, workout trends of the past! Remember the step and aerobics craze of the 80s? Or how kickboxing and group cycling took off in the 90s and 00s? Well, it's time for a new phase in the workout …
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Pro Tips for Banishing Fat Talk


How often have you listened to a friend gripe about her thighs or belly only to reply with something along the lines of, "Oh, stop, you're gorgeous. But I know what you mean --- mine are so flabby!" Hopefully, you don't say anything like that much, but chances are, you've been guilty of it at …
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Real Beauty Doesn’t Need Retouching, But How Do We Really Make Change?


FBG Kristen sent me a pretty powerful video of the Real Beauty campaign Dove was doing in Canada, and I've wanted to share it for weeks. But, I wasn't exactly sure what to say about it. Part of me wants to cheer, high-five and chest-bump every female on the planet about it. And the other part of me? …
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It’s Dancing … It’s Walking … It’s Dance Walking!


We like walking. We like dancing. So dance walking? Oh, yeah, we're totally in. (And, side note: Seems way more natural than than Prancercise ...) We know that this video is funny, but seriously, dance walking looks like a blast! Who wants to try it with us?! We could dance walk the nation by …
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Zuzka’s 15-Minute Beginner Workout — You CAN Do It!


Being a beginner to the workout scene can be scary ... hard ... and OMG, why do people like to get this sweaty? That's why, for this You Can Do It Week post, we're sharing a beginner workout by Zuzka that anyone can do at home. Zuzka's fitness YouTube channel has more than 20 million views and her …
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