Ding, Ding, Ding, the Fight Is Over: Les Mills Combat, Part 2

kelsey kicking

Kelsey is back with the second post about her experience trying Les Mills Combat. Follow her journey with the workout system, post by post! So the second phase of Les Mills Combat DVD flew by ... and crept by at the same time. During the last few weeks we were introduced to one more workout, …
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Here We Go Round: Trying 9Round Fitness


Today’s 9Round review is from Jennifer Schlozman, a former Weight Watchers Leader Ambassador who’s a runner and triathlete --- and she completed her first half marathon this year. With enthusiasm for group workouts and finding fit friends, she considers herself a loser when it comes to weight and a …
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Les Mills Combat: Let the Fighting Begin…

les mills combat

Kelsey is at it again! For the next few months, she'll be sharing her thoughts and experience trying Les Mills Combat. Follow her journey with the workout system, post by post! I’ll be honest. When I first looked at the Les Mills Combat DVD and sample video, I was a bit intimidated. I’m not the …
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Workout I Did: Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo, Part Two


Whenever Jamba hosts an event, I know I'm in for a full day of intense muscle jubilee. The first year Jenn and I attended Jamba's day of workouts, I didn't properly fuel, and I paid for it handsomely with fatigue and Gumby-like limb movements. This year, I tried to prepare a bit better. I made sure …
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3 Self-Defense Workouts That Kick Butt (Literally)


Today's post on self-defense workouts that kick butt is from our friends at DietDiva.com! Group exercise classes are a great way to stay motivated and keep your exercise routine interesting. They can also teach skills you can use in life, such as how to defend yourself from assault, if you …
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Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down With CrossRope


I always knew jump-roping was a good activity. I mean, hello, do it for a few minutes and your heart will be a pumpin'. But it wasn't until I started doing more CrossFit-style workouts that I got the full gist of the jump rope. The heart-beating-out-of-your-chest gist. And with the number of …
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4 Challenging New York Fitness Classes to Check Out This Year


Hello from New York! Margo here, and I have been out and about all over Gotham looking at the newest gyms, hottest instructors and the latest classes on behalf of Fit Bottomed Girls and wanted to pass along a few of my personal favorites. Whether you're a sociable New Yorker looking for a glass of …
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Empower Boxing Boot Camp: 12 Rounds of Striking Beauties Are Gonna Knock You Out!


A few weeks ago I wrote about attending a special 12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp class presented by Empower Fitness and led by four-time World Champion boxer Jamie “The Hurricane” Clampitt of Striking Beauties, which is a women’s boxing gym based in North Attleboro, Mass. Recently, those same folks sent …
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