Workout I Did: Low-Impact Tabata in the Backyard


I love my gym. But sometimes, you get busy, can't make the WOD and have to get creative. Which is exactly what Ryan and I did on a random Saturday afternoon. I was still nursing the stress fracture in my foot at the time (update: I can now run a mile without pain or swelling --- hooray!), so we put …
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Workout I Did: A Throwdown WOD (With Modifications!)


Do you guys remember how I did the Throwdown last year? That big ol' crazy three-day competition that my gym holds? Well, they held it again this year, and IT. WAS. AWESOME. Even though I had qualified to compete a couple months ago, I had to move down to the complete category and skip about half of …
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Review: Fit Four…Weight-Lifting!

These weight-lifting gloves do make you feel a little more bad-ass...

We are all about women lifting heavy weights. In fact, we wrote a whole post about how awesome and empowering it is---and how it's one of the best ways to change your body for the healthier (and stronger---growl!). But while lifting heavy weights can make you feel like a fit and confident She-Ra, it …
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Bad News: Stress Fracture in My Foot. Good News: I’m Okay With It

This is not my foot. Credit: Andrew-Hyde

If you've been a long-time reader of FBG, you may remember the time I injured my butt, right before I ran my first (and most likely only) marathon. You may also remember me handling said injury not so great. That I felt down about it, sad and kind of just blah. And that it took lots of work and time …
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Workout I Did: Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo, Part One


So, I know I just did a Workout I Did post, but I have to do another one! Because, ladies. I did a whole day of working out with FBG Tish and just have to share---like every single detail! Well, half of the details technically, as FBG Tish will be providing a run-down of the rest of the amazing …
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3 Fun CrossFit Goodies for Your Home Gym


While I love workouts of all kinds, I'll be the first to admit that CrossFit gets amazing results. It's incredibly challenging and pushes you---for better or for worse (usually for the better unless you stop listening to your body and push too hard too often)---to be fitter, more confident and …
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A Paleo-Friendly Snack: AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar

A Paleo snack that's oh-so filling!

During my 30-day Paleo challenge last summer, I learned a lot of things. First, for me, that when I eat really clean, I feel better and have more energy. Second, that going Paleo takes some serious ingredient-label investigating. And third? That easy go-to Paleo snacks are kind of hard to find. …
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Upside Down Gets Me Feeling Inside Out

My goal: to be as comfortably happy as these three are in this position! Credit: lululemon athletica

Remember how I had to work a bit to conquer my fear of heights by climbing the rope at the Fit Pit? But that once I did, it was awesome---empowering and so motivational? Well, I have a new "rope" to climb and her name is the unmodified handstand push-up. Okay, the "push-up" part I'm not even …
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Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down With CrossRope


I always knew jump-roping was a good activity. I mean, hello, do it for a few minutes and your heart will be a pumpin'. But it wasn't until I started doing more CrossFit-style workouts that I got the full gist of the jump rope. The heart-beating-out-of-your-chest gist. And with the number of …
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