Fusion Fly: Kicking off the FBG Retreat With a Sweaty Bang

fusion fly group

I've been known to spend a little time on the bike, so when I saw that Jenn had tried out a Spin class with a twist in her hometown of Kansas City, I let her know right away that, should I come to visit, we were going to have to check it out. And that's exactly what we did as a big, sweaty group at …
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Workout I Did: Long and Strong on the Spin Bike


I don't think the stationary bike gets enough respect outside of Spin class, and I don't understand why. Plenty of people who are just wild about cycling think they can only get that kind of a workout in an actual class with an instructor guiding them through the moves. And while I'll admit the …
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The Cycling Workout Nicole Kidman Loves (And Us, Too!)


The following post is sponsored by Motion Traxx. For our sponsored post policy, click here. We love, love, love group cycling classes, but sometimes they're just not convenient. The room is packed and all the bikes are taken. The timing doesn't work with your schedule. You don't like sweat flying …
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Workout I Did: Fusion Fly


Long, long ago, Karen and I took a class at Fusion Fitness in Kansas City--- and it pretty much rendered me useless for the rest of the day and the two days following because, OMG, the soreness. And not just any soreness. This was like epic, I-didn't-know-I-had-a-muscle-there or …
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Pregnant? Tips to Keep on Cycling!


When I got pregnant, I knew that exercise during pregnancy was totally healthy. But, still, when I got that first positive test, I was a little reluctant. Should I keep jogging? Could I still do high-impact aerobics? What about core work? From the get-go, there are so many worries a new mom faces! …
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Workout That Scared Me: Horse Farm Hundred


If you've followed my triathlon training for a while, you'll know that my comfort level on the bike is ... not terribly high. I only started using clipless pedals (you know, the ones where your shoes actually clip to your pedals, which is completely confusing given the name) and riding on the road …
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Cycling in Style: Hincapie Cycling Apparel Review

women's cycling apparel

I've learned a lot since I started getting more serious about cycling a couple of years ago. I've learned the proper hand signals. I've learned how to do a bottle exchange during a race. I've learned how to change a tire. And, perhaps most importantly, I've learned that the right gear is absolutely …
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Want to Do a Triathlon? This Book Will Get You to the Finish (With a Smile!)

no meat athlete triathlon road map

Have you found yourself toying with the idea of signing up for a triathlon? You're not alone. The sport has reached an all-time high in popularity, according to Reuters, with the total number of participants rising 59 percent from 2008 to 2011. See? I'm not the only one jawing about it. While …
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Cycling at Flywheel Sports With Venus Williams


Every once in a while I get an assignment from Fit Bottomed Girls that makes me squeal with delight, but when I was given the chance to take a special Flywheel Sports class with co-founder Ruth Zuckerman and her special guest tennis ace Venus Williams? Well, as we say in New York --- forget about …
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