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What an Ironman-in-Training Eats for a Day

Susan gives a thumbs up to her Ironman eats.

Ever wondered what someone training for an Ironman might eat in a day? I have. Gosh, even after I trained for and ran a marathon (which, you know, they run as the last leg of their race), my food intake went way up. And the hunger. Oh, my goodness, the primal hunger. It was insane. So when our very …
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10 Things to Pack for a Relay Race


Planning on doing a relay race? Relay races are SUPER fun, but they do take some proper packing. Luckily, Kate Crowley, one of our awesome readers who loves to do everything from yoga to hiking to skateboarding to growing veggies, recently completed Ragnar and has tips on the 10 essential items to …
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VegRUN: Online Running Resource for Vegetarians


When you run in certain crowds, it seems like everyone does half marathons and full marathons and Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons all the time, everywhere. And that can make it seem like those things are no big deal. I mean, everybody does it, so how hard can it be, right? Not exactly. …
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Handsfree Roundup: InCase, BANDI, Armpocket and Fitletic

handsfree roundup

Whether your workout of choice is running, strength training, dancing, or anything else, two things are pretty likely. One, you're gonna have stuff --- your gym card, keys, phone, ID, etc. And two, you don't want to carry it in your sweaty little hands the whole time. Happily, there are a host of …
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Bored By the Treadmill? Not With Motion Traxx’s Cardio Workout

Credit: normanack

Now that I'm a long-distance running extraordinaire (ha), I've been doing more runs on the treadmill to keep up my endurance. With two kids, running on the treadmill at the gym is just easier than pushing a double stroller out in the cold. But the problem with the treadmill workout is the boredom. …
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Chilling Out for Race Day


What is it about me and fall? The last two years, I've made big plans for my last tri of the year, and the last two years, I've ended up injured and not as well-trained as I'd planned. Last year, it was my back. This year, it was a mix of just not quite feeling the eye of the tiger, then screwing up …
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I’m a Tough Mudder


I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Advil®, as a part of the Advil® Relief In Action program. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Advil® as a product or its effectiveness.  I did my Tough Mudder over the weekend, and …
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Can Experience Actually Hold You Back?


A month from tomorrow, I'll be racing the TriRock Clearwater Olympic distance triathlon. I'm pretty psyched --- I did the same race last year, and I absolutely loved the experience. (My actual performance was seriously subpar, but I lucked into a third-place finish and had an amazing time doing it, …
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