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weight-loss success story

Darlene lost 13.5 inches in eight weeks from following the FBG Life Weight-Loss Program!

Hundreds of women have taken the FBG Life classes and programs, helping them to reach their fitness and healthy living dreams—and smiling all along the way!

What People Are Saying About FBG Life

  • “Jenn puts her heart and soul into making sure that you get the most out of the time spent together in her classes. Her upbeat personality and positive attitude make spending the time with her a true positive experience! She was very willing to answer any questions or offer suggestions about the material. I would highly recommend any class that Jenn teaches.” Robin
  • “Keeping track of the inches lost was so much more beneficial than keeping track of the pounds. I’ve always just worried about the pounds, but to have only lost 8 pounds but 13 inches total was unbelievable and my clothes just fit so much better. I’m able to wear jeans that I haven’t worn in a while.” Darlene
  • “For the past few years, I have been obsessed with the scale—we’re talking two to three times a day. FBG Life taught me it’s about overall health…physically, emotionally and mentally. For me, that meant stepping off the scale and being nice to myself. I learned to be my own best friend first…and that is life-changing. Many thanks to Jenn and for helping me see that being healthy and happy is way more important than any number ever will be. FBGs ROCK!” Alye Ward
  • “Jennipher is a very relaxed presenter, made us all feel comfortable. She engages the audience very well. She is knowledgeable and shares the info in a fun and energetic way.” Janis
  • “The FBG Life class was awesome! It was a great way to develop some new healthy habits slowly but surely and I learned some great fitness and nutrition info. Mostly importantly, it helped me to really take a look at how I view myself and learn to be my own biggest supporter.  Plus, it was with a really supportive group who all encouraged each other along the way. Jenn makes it fun, informative, and inspiring. So glad I took the hour out of each week and I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to be an FBG!” —Jodi Oliver
  • “The class was a great reminder of some very important things that I tend to forget, like the importance of self-love, how to be gentle with yourself, and the fact that baby steps can lead to big results. It was also a reminder of the importance of setting goals, something that I’ve gotten away from.” Kristin Hodnett
  • “The format of class on Learn it Live was engaging, and the fun work helped keep me focused throughout the week.  I came into class with much of the knowledge, but [Jenn] presented it in a way that really helped pull it all together for me. Basically, I knew what I needed to do, but needed help figuring out how to actually do it. My favorite part of class was focusing on listening to my hunger and being aware of what and how much I’m eating. Thanks to [Jenn] I’m on the right path and leading a healthier, FBG Life.” Jeanne
  • “In every class [Jenn] provided a ton of different resources and angles and different ways of looking at XYZ. That’s extremely helpful because if one avenue doesn’t ‘fit’ or work for me, I can just try the next one! It’s also less intimidating, like [Jenn] said about workouts—what you told us is the ideal, not what you HAVE to do. So just start where you are. That perspective helped a lot with some of my all-or-nothing thinking. I also loved starting with thoughts and small behavior challenges that are really doable—that helped me get going and feel like I really could be successful. I’m really excited to start this FBG journey!” Lindsay
  • “I have gained an abundance of self-confidence in myself and what I have accomplished since the first day of class. Not only am I physically stronger, I am mentally better, too. Today, I am nowhere near my health goals, but I do believe that I can get there. I have Jenn to thank for that, so, thank you so much Jenn. I owe you my future which will be even brighter because of you.” Brooke Savage

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