Reflections on Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant—and the Color Orange


This adidas deodorant review is a part of Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week to encourage all the dudes out there to get moving! Check out all of the special dude-friendly content here. Since I only surface about once a year here on FBG for Fit Bottomed Dudes' Week, I am confident that you are unfamiliar …
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Big Apple Adidas: A Boost to Running


I recently headed into NYC for an adidas event for an unveiling that promised to change running as we know it. I figured if anything could make me like running, an adidas event in the Big Apple was as likely as any other. Plus, it was a rare case when the childcare and cool-NYC-events stars aligned, …
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We Go “Natural” Running in Three Pairs of Adidas…


What does "natural" running mean? Well, best as we can tell, it's running as close to barefoot as possible without actually going barefoot. And if you've ever been on FBG before, you know it's a big ol' trend. There are so, so, so many minimalist shoes coming out. Scratch that. Most major brands are …
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Adidas ClimaCool Running Shoes Review: They’re Hot and They’re Cool


Considering Katy Perry is actually associated with this adidas shoe campaign, that joke in the headline is way too obvious, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. As you know, we’re all about the obvious jokes around here anyway. What’s not funny? How cool the adidas ClimaCool shoe is—and I …
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So Fresh, So Clean, So Sporty (and Functional!): Adidas 3 Hair & Body Wash


Okay, so Adidas 3 Hair & Body Wash is technically for dudes. But girls get sweaty and stinky, too! And we appreciate two-in-one products that keep our gym bags from being too overstuffed. Am I right, or am I right? So when Adidas asked if we wanted to try its new line of advanced formulas that …
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