The I-Don’t-Have-Time-to-Exercise Workout

Don't have time to exercise? This one is for you!

The No. 1 reason people say that they don't work out? "I don't have time to exercise!" And to that, we say hogwash! We're all busy, but it is possible to squeeze in little bits of activity here and there, whether it's before you head out the door to work, over your lunch break or even when you're …
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Feeling the ‘Love’ With This Love Handles Workout

Just one of the super effective moves from Amanda's Love Handles Workout!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Today we're off hanging with our families and eating copious amounts of sugar cookies, but we wanted to share one heck of a Love Handles Workout with you from the one and only Amanda Russell. Short and sweet,  if you have a few extra minutes to spare today, it'll …
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Train Like an Olympian With This Workout By Amanda Russell

Amanda Russell

Hey, hey, it's Guest Bloggers' Week, which means we're bringing you some of the best and most inspiring posts from writers around the web! Click here to see all of the great guest posts that inspire, push us to get fitter, make us think in new ways and crack us the heck up! Being an Olympian may be …
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The Ultimate Full Body Cardio Workout with Amanda Russell

ultimate cardio workout

This past spring we shared The Ultimate Hips, Bum and Thigh Workout by Amanda Russell. And, dude, ya'll went nutters over it, sharing it here there and everywhere (especially on Pinterest!). So we, of course, had to share another great workout by Amanda with you. This time it's the Ultimate Full …
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The Ultimate Hips, Bum and Thigh Workout by Amanda Russell


A couple of months ago, we stumbled upon Amanda Russell, an Olympic-trained athlete, celebrity fitness expert, model, founder of The AR Program, and Google’s "Next Top Fitness Personality in 2012." We immediately loved her can-do attitude and her YouTube channel, which is full of awesome free …
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