(Awesome) Infographic: Gender Roles in the Kitchen


Do you guys remember when Kristen asked about feminism in the kitchen? Well, she gathered all the awesome info you guys submitted and put together the most amazing infographic for Fit Bottomed Eats. And, really, after pouring over the numbers and the results (in this oh-so pretty format), I'm pretty …
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10 Healthy Cooking Substitutions From Biggest Loser Author Devin Alexander

devin alexander

This post is a part of Back to Basics Week, a week where we share fabulous how-to and beginner's content—like this post on healthy cooking substitutions from Devin Alexander—to get you and your fitness kicked up for fall!  Meet celebrity chef and author of The Biggest Loser Cookbook series, Devin …
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Robin Miller’s Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

chocolate mousse recipe

The Buttermilk 'Fried' Chicken Recipe that we recently shared was so finger-lickin' good (and so quick and easy to make!) that we just had to share another one of Robin Miller's healthy creations from her new cookbook Robin Takes 5. So get your ovens preheated and your bellies ready, dessert lovers. …
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Gluten-Free Baking Mix: Making Cookies That Actually Taste Good


Although we occasionally review and talk about gluten-free snacks because I'm not gluten-intolerant or sensitive, we haven't done a lot on gluten-free baking or cooking. But I know that a lot of ya'll are gluten-sensitive. And gluten-sensitive people deserve tasty eats, too! So when …
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Bake Yourself or Your Honey a Honey Cake (with Giveaway!)


It wouldn't be Valentine's Day and Love Yo'Self Week without a few tasty treats to celebrate with! This honey cake is not only delicious, it's an aphrodisiac. According to Dr. Lynn Anderson who graciously supplied us with this yummy recipe she created for her book Sex Matters so…Get Sexually Healthy …
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