Are You Using the Wrong Razor? Find Your Perfect Match!


The following is a post sponsored by Gillette Venus. For our sponsored post policy, click here. I have sensitive skin. Like, really sensitive skin. And turns out, I'm not alone. According to a survey by Gillette Venus, 60 percent of women feel like their sensitive skin is getting in the way of a …
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A More Natural (and Less Flammable) Way to Get a Good Shave


For Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week Ryan is sharing his thoughts on a new and more natural way to shave! Let’s talk about shaving for a second. Image association recalls foaming white fluff. The straight razor. The safety razor. The double safety razor. The triple safety razor. Have we gone quad yet? …
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The Gnarly Whale: All-Natural Unisex Beauty Products You’ll Both Love


If your bathroom is anything like mine, you probably have a shower stuffed with beauty and hair products --- and a medicine cabinet and drawer or closet filled with them, too. There's men's aftershave, shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair situations, lip balms, face washes, detanglers, …
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Fit Bloggers We Love: Two Triathletes Talk Hair Excuses

sporty afros, hair care, triathlon trainin, black hair, african american hair care treatment

Oh, how my butt twitches when I hear excuses why someone can't work out. I was once the queen of excuses and it left me unhealthy and weak for many years. I think it's that frustration that led me to fall in love with Whitney and Alex, the two gals behind Sporty Afros, a website dedicated to fitness …
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Real Beauty Doesn’t Need Retouching, But How Do We Really Make Change?


FBG Kristen sent me a pretty powerful video of the Real Beauty campaign Dove was doing in Canada, and I've wanted to share it for weeks. But, I wasn't exactly sure what to say about it. Part of me wants to cheer, high-five and chest-bump every female on the planet about it. And the other part of me? …
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Get FabFitFun With a Seasonal Beauty Box (Plus Coupon!)


We're the first to admit that sometimes our wardrobe is made up of too many pairs of yoga pants and sneakers. And ponytails. And sports bras. And Chapstick. And, man, where is that darn nail file? And a clean pair of underwear? It's not just us who does that, right? So, ahem, sometimes a …
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Can a Natural Deodorant Really Stand Up to Sweaty Workouts? We Put One to the Test!


I really like the idea of natural deodorants. I mean, does anyone really want to seep aluminum into their pores? Not me. But I've tried a lot of different natural deodorant brands before, and they've just never quite done the trick. They didn't last as long. They didn't fight wetness. They masked …
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