If You Struggle With Food Addiction, Shades of Hope Is Your Book—and We’re Giving It Away!


The first time I heard of Shades of Hope Treatment Center and Tennie McCarty was on TV. I stumbled upon a reality show about food addiction, and I was simply fascinated with it. McCarty took people with all kinds of eating issues---anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder---and had them live …
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How to Overcome Binge Eating: One Reader’s Experience and Tips


FBG’s second-annual Guest Bloggers’ Week may have come and gone, but this guest post and reader success story was good enough that we just had to share. Tina Reale, who blogs at Faith Fitness Fun, candidly shares her struggle with binge eating. A stay-at-home mother of two, she shares her life in …
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A Registered Dietitian Changed My Life

As a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and fitness writer, I know a lot about exercise and quite a bit about nutrition. I know what it takes to lose weight, be healthy and fuel my body properly. But for years I didn't practice what I preached. I spent years in college and …
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FitLinks: Soccer Fashion, National Nutrition Month & More!

From the coolest soccer looks to going on a vacation that promises to spark your creativity, these are the FitLinks we're loving this week! The latest in fun fusion workouts. Boredom begone! —Self magazine Here's to us getting this percentage down. Like way down. —Glamour magazine If you've …
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