26 Posts to Get Your Health Nom-Nom On: Our Fave Posts From Fit Bottomed Eats


So, um, we originally set out to share 10 of our favorite posts from Fit Bottomed Eats in celebration of the site's monumental first birthday. BUT, we got a little carried away. We just couldn't narrow it down. So, ahem, we now introduce you to our favorite 26 posts from FBE, in no particular order. …
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Wishing a Very Happy, Happy Three-Year Birthday to Fit Bottomed Mamas!


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Fit Bottomed Mamas! Happy birthday to you! Sorry about the off-key singing (It's the thought that counts, right?), but we just had to share in the celebration: Fit Bottomed Mamas turns three today! That's right, three years ago …
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How Being a Fit Bottomed Girl Has Changed Erin’s Life

Like Jenn said, HOLY COW. Five years of FBG. I don't even know how it's possible that I've been doing this for so long. In some ways, it feels like the blink of an eye. In other ways, I feel like I've always been spreading this Fit Bottomed message. To say that being a Fit Bottomed Girl has been …
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The ABCs of Being an FBG

Credit: dlofink

Following our kindergarten theme for our Five-Year Birthday Week (five!), today we are bringing you the ABCs of being an FBG. Do these things---no, live these---and, well, we pretty much guarantee that you'll be healthy and happy---and having a darn good time. So sing it with us now...A, B, C. It's …
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How Being a Fit Bottomed Girl Has Changed Jenn’s Life

FBG, I love you.

Every year for FBG's birthday, I do some reflecting. (I clearly have a thing for reflecting on birthdays of any kind.) Where have we been? Where are we going? What more can we do to make the world a more Fit-Bottomed place? But as we turn five this week, I'm also turning the question to myself. For …
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Holy Crap, We’re Five! And We’re About to Go All Elementary on Ya to Celebrate…

We're five! So wave your hands in the air; wave 'em like you just don't care! Credit: woodleywonderworks

Guys, this week FBG turns five! Five! Where has the time gone? We've gone from this original blog post by just Erin and I to all of---waves hands emphatically at the screen---this. Plus this. And this. And holy crap, it's kind of crazy to look back, no? While we usually make a big ol' deal about our …
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My Dirty Thirties

birthday, aging

Oh, the dirty 30s. Growing older has never really bothered me that much. I'm a self-professed "kidult." I've always felt perpetually 14, so birthdays never really fazed me. But they're starting to faze my body. Here I am, 32 today, and my body has decided to pay attention. No. 1 sign my body has …
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