Who’s Your Favorite Fit Bottomed Dude?

Bob Harper is definitely a Fit Bottomed Dude we like to flex with and oogle.

If we've learned anything this week, in which we've done nothing but write for Fit Bottomed Dudes, it's that we love men. They're funny, encouraging, witty, dedicated, sweet, inspirational, hard-core and everything in between. Just like FBGs, Fit Bottomed Dudes come in all shapes and sizes, and we …
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Omron and Bob Greene Team Up to Encourage Fall Fitness


The following is a post sponsored by Omron Pedometers. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Up here in FBG land, we're big fans of two things: Bob Greene and pedometers. Best known as Oprah's personal trainer, Bob Greene is the man when it comes to fitness. And pedometers? Well, there's …
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Bob Greene’s New Book Promises “The Life You Want”


Another one of our fave "Bobs" in the business, Bob Greene knows his weight-loss facts. And his latest book, The Life You Want, hits it out of the park. First, it's not a diet book—it's a true lifestyle book. Second, he brings in some heavy hitters—a psychologist and a registered dietitian—to …
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