Putting Three GNC Total Lean Products to the Taste-Test


As I've mentioned before, a trip to GNC kind of freaks me out. There are so many choices and options that I usually end up heading straight to the whole-food area, looking at the bags of chia seeds and goji berries and get on my merry little way. However, when GNC hit us up to try its own line of …
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Get Naked: Trying NudeFood Bars and Breakfast Boosts


You've heard of eating clean, but how about NudeFood? According to the company, Nude Food is all about nutrient-dense foods (Get it? NUtrient DEnse?), and following the idea that a calorie is not a calorie, all of their products are made up of ingredients with no empty calories, but rather …
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Thanks, Coach! A Review of Coach’s Oats & Giveaway!


"Thanks, coach!" —Sanka Coffie from the movie Cool Runnings I love that darn quote and say it ALL the time. And now I catch myself saying it at perhaps the most  unlikely of times: every morning as I sit down for breakfast, chowing down on the oatmeal the team from Coach's Oats sent me. And …
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8 Ways to (Literally) Spice Up Your Healthy Breakfast


Aren't we all looking for a healthy fast breakfast? One that fills us up yet is quick to prepare? Well, have no fear, tips are here! For our first-annual Fit Bottomed Eats Week, McCormick is sharing some of its favorite healthy and fast breakfast ideas that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and …
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Bob Harper Dishes On Oatmeal Toppings, Eating for Workouts and Weight-Loss


We love a lot of things around here on FBG (check out this series for proof—we're all about the love!), but two things we really, really love? Bob Harper and oatmeal. We recently had the chance to ask Bob (swoon!) a few questions about his breakfast of choice: oatmeal. As a spokesperson for …
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Trying the New Starbucks Breakfast Wrap and Cake Pop


I'm a sucker for dark French-press coffee with just a splash of cream. Seeing that I'm also a sucker for a hot breakfast (goodness, I love breakfast food) and cake pops of any variety, when Starbucks asked if we'd like to try a few of its new offerings, I got my to-go cup ready and hit the 'bucks. …
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