We’ve Got the G-Love With These Cute and Fun Weight-Lifting Gloves


Weight-lifting rocks. But many are intimidated to try it. And for those who do, calluses and poor grip can cause probs. And, let's face it, most weight-lifting gloves aren't exactly designed for the ladies. But these cute and fun weight-lifting G-Loves (Get it? Cuteness.) gloves that are made of …
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Have Torn Calluses? Or Want to Prevent Them? RIPT Kit to the Rescue!


Before I started doing CrossFit-style workouts and heavier Olympic lifting, I had no idea just how beat up your hands could be. Or the pain they could cause. Like when you tear a callus that took you months to build up and then go to take a shower. Oh. My. God. The pain. I've literally mastered …
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