Brooks Running Review: An ‘Essential’ Fall Outfit


Another month, another Brooks Running review! And this one is perfect for a warmer fall day or an indoor run on the treadie! And remember, we are a Brooks Running blog ambassador, but these product reviews are totally our honest opinions! Brooks Running Equilibrium LS II Besides just being plain …
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Quality, Cute, Affordable … We’re Digging Cory Vines Apparel


With the whole Lululemon controversy (ya'll know how we feel about the whole "thigh-gap" thing), we know that a lot of you are actively looking for new places to get your workout apparel. So we thought, hey, what better time is there to take Cory Vines' offer of trying a new workout outfit? Yep, no …
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Love Les Mills Classes? There’s Cute Apparel for That


Trends in fitness apparel right now are all bright, bold and loud. And Les Mills new summer 2013 line of clothing? Um, first, we were not even aware that they offered apparel (mind blown!) and, second, it's so cute and on trend. So cute. Hitting that nice mix of fashion and fitness---easily going …
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Just How Sturdy Are Sturdy Girl Sports’ Bras and Capris? A Review!


So here's the rub: Sometimes we want to review stuff but just can't properly because we don't have—ahem—the assets. (Both Erin and Tish have lamented not having a whole lot up top, and neither Kristen nor I are overly busty to properly test a sports bra that specializes in keeping big boobies …
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KiraGrace: Workout Clothes to Make You Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty


All of the workouts I've been doing lately are either super intense (i.e. sweaty) or pretty casual. I might do a little yoga here or there, but most of the time it's just stretching in front of the TV with my PJs on (hey, don't knock it until you've tried it). This means that I rarely have the need …
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Celebrities Fave Workout Gear: The Girls Capris and Shorts

the girls review

When we usually hear about workout apparel that celebs wear, the price tags are none too cheap. In fact, they're almost absurd. So the fact that Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff all have been seen sporting The Girls apparel, which has a bunch of pieces under $40? Well, …
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