6 Tips to Survive the Holidays in Shape and Guilt-Free From Celeb Trainer Valerie Waters


Worried about staying in shape during the holidays without depriving yourself of everything deliciously awesome? Today's post by Valerie Waters --- celebrity fitness trainer, creator of Valslide and brand partner of EAS Sports Nutrition to advocate fitness and nutrition --- is sure to help …
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★FitStars: Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson (aka the Man Behind the Kim Kardashian Booty)


Now this is an impressive Fit Bottomed client list: Kim Kardashian Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Sofia Vergara. So it's no doubt that celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson knows what's up when it comes to getting results in the gym. Turns out, he's also a bit of a clean freak. Well, at least in the …
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Review: Cardio Core 4×4 by Jay Cardiello


So the cover got my attention for obvious reasons. Nice abs, Jay Cardiello. Nice abs, indeed. But then the title caught my eye, too. A 20-minute no-gym workout that will transform your body? Get huge results in just a little bit of time a day? Well, that sounds good, but nothing particularly new, ya …
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Dream Realized: I Worked Out With Bob Harper (& He’s Even More Amazing in Person)

Tish sharing my Bob Harper nerves/excitement. Thankfully, she'd met him before, so she calmed my fears, reassuring me that he was super easy to talk to.

I used to have two best days of my life: the day I was born (pretty life changing, that one) and the day I got married (just a huge celebration of love). But now I can add a third to the list: the day I spent with Mr. Bob Harper. Seriously. (And, yes, my husband is okay with this.) So here's how …
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Can You Really Think and Grow Thin? Our Thoughts on the Book by President Clinton’s Trainer


If you've ever been to this site before, then you know that when it comes to getting healthy, we believe it's about more than just what you eat and how you move—it also has a lot to do with how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself. So with the title of the new book Think and Grow Thin: …
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