Vegetarian Recipe: The Carla Burger With Peach Pico de Gallo

vegetarian recipe

Yesterday we got some fab healthy barbecue tips from Top Chef's and ABC's The Chew's Carla Hall. Full of awesome ideas and Southern charm, today Carla is sharing one of her favorite recipes—which is appropriately called "The Carla Burger." She worked with MorningStar Farms for the vegetarian …
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Chef Carla Hall’s Top Healthy Cooking and Barbecue Tips


The "official" season of barbecues may be over. But we say hogwash to that! Not only because saying "hogwash" is fun and makes us think of Harry Potter, which is, you know, pretty rad, but also because now that the temp is cooling down, being outside and cooking food is a super enjoyable way to …
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Who’s on Kristen’s Health Professional Wish List?

A few weeks back, one of our fave bloggers Peanut Butter Fingers posed a really good question: If you could have any sort of personal health professional, who would you choose? Since last month we talked fitness bucket lists for our Question of the Week, this time, we decided to tackle this slightly …
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Ellie Krieger Dishes on Healthy Snack Ideas and How to Learn to Love Cooking

healthy snack ideas

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that we had an interview with Ellie Krieger. Well, today we're sharing it with you in super-cool video format! Woot woot! Ellie is one of our all-time favorite healthy chefs. She's smart, down to earth, realistic (in that she knows we all don't have the time or …
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Chew on This Book: Smart Chefs Stay Slim


"Never trust a skinny chef." I've heard that phrase a lot in the food world (and from FBG Tish's wise mom). But as we're rounding out our special foodie coverage for Fit Bottomed Eats Week—a week in which we're celebrating all things nutritous—we want to turn that phrase on its head a bit. Okay, …
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