Avocado Salsa Recipe: Happy Summer Snacking

Have some of these? Make this Avocado Salsa recipe! Credit: Muffet

You know how good Mexican restaurant chips taste? And how you just can't get the same taste from a bag you buy off the shelves? Well, I'm not saying that Food Should Taste Good's Cantina tortilla chips are as good as the real deal, but they're about as close as you can come—and healthier than most …
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Nacho Cheese Chips Head-to-Heat Taste-Off: Beanfields vs. Poptillas


You know we couldn't do our first-ever Fit Bottomed Eats Week without doing a head-to-head taste-off, right? So here we go—today's battle for the taste buds is between Beanfields Nacho Bean and Rice Chips and Poptillas Nacho Cheese chips. May the nacho-iest and cheesiest chip (that's better for you …
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Monday Birthday Giveaway: 5 Cases of Beanitos Bean Chips


This giveaway is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here! We're kicking off our first Four-Year Birthday giveaway with a bang. A bean bang! (Pun intended.) One of our favorite snacks evah (they got a Noshie in …
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Betcha Can’t Eat Just One: Simply 7 Lentil and Hummus Chips

Simply 7

You know how Lay's has that saying, "Betcha can't eat just one?" Well, there's another contender for that slogan, and it's Simply 7 chips. They're downright addictive. Like, so addicting I've banned them from my cabinets because I apparently lose all self-control around them. (Hey, you have to know …
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Raw Chips Head-to-Head Review: Brad’s Raw Foods vs. Rhythm Superfoods

raw chips

Raw food is a big trend these days. And when we recently got the opportunity to try not one but two brands of raw chips (aren't heated above 115 degrees yet promised to be delicious and crunchy), we just had to try them. Read on for our taste-buds' reaction to these raw chips! Brad's Raw Foods …
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5 New Healthy Snacks to Try During the Super Bowl

healthy super bowl snack

The Super Bowl is just three days away...do you know where your healthy snacks are? In case you don't—or in case you can't see one more "healthy snack list" that claims baby carrots and celery sticks are actually fun to snack on (nothing against carrots and celery—they're just hard to stick to when …
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