4 Hot New Group Exercise Classes to Try


I recently embarked on a fitness “stay-cation” in my hometown of New York City to try out a whole slew of classes and take a peek at the swankiest fitness studios. After sweating and lifting, jumping, banding and attempting poses all over this fine city, I am reporting back my personal favorites. …
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Missed Our Healthy Holiday Class Last Night? How to Watch the Free Recording!


It was a fit-bottomed good time last night on Learn It Live! Our free online class on How to Be an FBG Over the Holiday Season was packed full of energized readers ready to get motivated and be their healthiest this holiday season—without feeling deprived. Wait...what's that? You said you missed it? …
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Reminder: Free Online Class on How to Be an FBG This Holiday Season on Monday!

Being an FBG means not being afraid to be in a room with this delciousness. Credit: WayTru

As we're about to dive headfirst into the holiday season next week and the days of eating and temptations are going to get more and more prevalent and, well, tempting, we wanted to take a second to remind you about that free online class we're offering on how to be a Fit Bottomed Girl over the …
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Free Online Class: 9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Eat Well and Exercise

Super psyched to be a part of this free healthy event!

Do you have trouble finding your inner motivation to get active and eat right? Hey, it happens to the best of us! Which is why I'm psyched to be teaching the new—and free—online class 9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Eat Well and Exercise on Learn It Live. This class, which is part of Learn It …
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Free Online Class: The Truth About Willpower and How to Harness It


How do we like to celebrate our birthday? Um, by giving you lots of free goodies—like this class! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here. So many of us think that we could live a healthy lifestyle if only we had "more willpower." But, you know what, I'm …
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