Get Clean: How to Sanitize Water Bottles, Remove Sweat Stains and More!


We're all about the cleanliness lately, eh? Tish, our resident clean-freak (love her for that!) recently shared how to clean and take care of your workout clothes properly, and Fit Bottomed Mamas just ran the best post on how to do everything from sanitize your water bottles to remove sweat stains …
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Fit Tip Friday: How to Wash Your Workout Clothes So They Last


I've gone on and on about my love for lululemon gear. I'll pounce around in it all day long, much to the chagrin of my friends. "It's too expensive!" they all grumble back at me, but I choose my items carefully. I only purchase gear from there that I know I can't get anywhere else. I get pieces that …
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Bottle Light, Bottle Bright: Cleanest Bottle I See Tonight


Do you have a water bottle that's hard to clean? Or a travel coffee mug that's beyond gross? Or a CamelBak hydration pack you used when hiking that could be studied by a 6th-grade science class for a lesson on bacteria growth? Um, yeah, me, too. Which is why when Clean Ethics emailed us about …
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FBG Tish’s Letter to Dudes Everywhere: The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Hard Work

armpit, stink, letter to men

Remember how last year Gal Josefsberg wrote this amazingly inspiring letter to women of the world telling us all that we are perfect as we are? Well, this year for Fit Bottomed Dude's Week we're taking that concept and flipping it. Every day this week each FBG will share her very own personal letter …
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7 Ways to Avoid Gym Germs


You’re headed to meet your girls at the gym for Zumba class. You can’t wait to be surrounded by hot tunes, good friends and...germs? It’s true---even the cleanest of gyms and health clubs might be harboring bacteria, viruses and other cooties. Sharing yoga mats, towels and gym equipment with …
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Fit Tip Friday: Keep Your Water Bottle Clean With This Cool (Literally) Trick!


You probably carry your water bottle with you here, there and everywhere. Which means that it gets a lot of use. (And that you probably pee a lot!) But does it get a good scrub down? What about in those hard to reach areas like the straw and the lid? Well, self-admitted germaphobe FBG Tish has a …
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