Battle of the Tasty Protein Bars: Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars vs. CLIF Mojo

clif mojo

Even those of us who do our best to get our meals and snacks from whole, unprocessed foods sometimes find ourselves in need of some quick sustenance on the go. If you're as active as I think you are, it's important that the treat you choose comes packed with protein. And, if you're as picky about …
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Clif Shot Bloks: A Chewy Review(-y)


If you want to get a group of runners or triathletes into a heated debate, just start talking nutrition. You don't even have to bring out the big guns, like how many calories one should eat or whether chocolate milk is an appropriate (and delicious) recovery drink. Asking about two simple, specific …
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The Latest on Mamas: New Clif Bar Flavors, Skinny Baby Bumps & More!


If you have some extra time this holiday weekend, check out some of these great links from Fit Bottomed Mamas! Whether you're a seasoned mom, a mom-to-be or are just thinking of expanding your family, these links are for you! There are a number of new flavors in the Clif Bar family. Come check …
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