The Olympics Moment That Always Makes Me Cry


I love the Olympics for so many reasons. The hard work and dedication of the athletes. The pride in country. The hardships. The comebacks. The heartbreak. And the triumphs that make  it all worth it. I even love the cheesy commercials. And no one does the Olympic commercial better than Visa. They …
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A Marathon Commercial Worth Watching


Besides the fact that I really enjoy that Honda has a car called the "Fit," (yep, that marketing worked on me!), I've never really paid much attention to cars—let alone car commercials. Just give me a reliable car that gets good gas mileage and doesn't look atrocious, and I'm okay with it. But when …
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The Under-Cheesing of America?

dominos cheesy bread commercial

First, let me acknowledge that I'm still in the Stone Age when it comes to commercials—I still watch them. But some commercials are darn funny and therefore worth checking out, whether they're intended to be humorous like the Tide commercials I love or just happen to come out that way. One that …
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