The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: Get Your Self-Confidence From Within


Guys, it has been SO FUN to see your #FBGAntiDiet images and read about your diet-free experiences! And, because, well, we love to share, here are THREE that we've been loving on. First, a Tweet from reader Amy that is too darn sweet. (Amy --- shoot us a pic of your pup!) My favorite workout is …
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Life Is Like a Box of Workouts


Forrest Gump may have said that life is like a box of chocolates, but I beg to differ. It's more like a box of workouts. Let me explain ... It's well known that working out makes you feel good. But exercise, if you stick with it, can do more than just pump out endorphins after a killer boot …
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Pro Tips for Banishing Fat Talk


How often have you listened to a friend gripe about her thighs or belly only to reply with something along the lines of, "Oh, stop, you're gorgeous. But I know what you mean --- mine are so flabby!" Hopefully, you don't say anything like that much, but chances are, you've been guilty of it at …
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A Hump-Day Shift (And Why You Should Accept That Compliment!)


You know why I love Wednesdays so much? It's because it's the shift in the week. I always start out Mondays with a bit of crabbiness. I just can't help it. Mondays always win. They always make me scowl, and it takes most of Tuesday to recover from that lack of crabby control. Then beautiful Hump Day …
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Whatever You Do, Do It for YOU


Is there anything better than hearing that someone has learned to embrace running (or cycling, or swimming, or CrossFit, or really, any form of exercise)? I love hearing those words, and I love sharing tips and hearing people's stories. I enjoy doing what I can to help them through any struggles …
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Reader Success Story: Getting Healthy Inside and Out


This reader success story by Brooke Savage is a part of You Can Do It Week. Read all of the motivating and inspiring posts here! And remember, if they can do it, so can YOU! I can still remember my first “fat” picture that was taken at my sister’s high school graduation four years ago. I was …
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And That’s What I Meant by ‘Life Changing’

When I wrote my race recap for the Leadman Tri back in April, I mentioned that it was life changing and fully intended to follow up on that thought. But then, you know, life and stuff happened and I had other things to write about and, well, it was pushed to the back burner. Let me just state for …
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Intimidated By Exercise Classes? Don’t Be!

In a recent journey around the internet, I found what was supposed to be a humorous article from a group exercise instructor. It was a pet peeves sort of article, chiding class participants about everything from how they smell to them taking breaks or doing their own thing to what they wore. It left …
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