Review: The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo

21-day sugar detox cookbook

I don’t know about all of  you, but lately I've noticed so many articles in the media about the dangers of a high-sugar diet, including the recent news by JAMA Internal Medicine that states that people who get more than 25 percent of their total calories from sugar have three times the risk of dying …
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6 Healthy Books to Read in 2014


If you're like most people --- including me! --- you've probably vowed to eat a little cleaner and greener in 2014. But just saying you want to do it doesn't make it happen. I know; if only it was that easy! To make a lasting change you want enthusiasm, fun ideas and, of course, recipes to keep your …
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Nom Nom: The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook

Sweet potatoes work particularly well in a vinegar-based potato salad recipe!

We may say that "diet is a four-letter word", but let me get one thing straight: This dietbook/cookbook is not about deprivation. Nor is it anything to cuss at, unless, of course, you are like me and get kind of angry when you eat something really good and might drop an F-bomb in misguided delight. …
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Living the Cultured Food Life (Which Is Way More Tasty Than It Sounds)

cultured food life

Gather 'round FBGs! Today we want to talk about cultured food. Yes, "cultured food" may sound like the result of a science experiment or, worse yet, something grown inside that unmarked food container in the back of your fridge that at one time was edible leftovers. But cultured foods really aren't …
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3 e-Cookbooks to Download: The 50 Best Recipes for Rice, Superfoods and Salads (with Recipes!)


I'm far from being a foodie. I'm the kind of gal who worships Rachael Ray for giving the world 30-minute meals. I'm lazy in the kitchen, and I get really frustrated when a recipe calls for a hoity toity ingredient that can only be found in Timbuktu. Luckily, the kitchen gods took pity on me and sent …
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Buttermilk ‘Fried’ Chicken Recipe from Robin Takes 5


I like to cook and all, but some nights I just want to make something that's healthy, uncomplicated and quick. While many cookbooks claim to do this, a lot of times they require you to bust out about 20+ ingredients or rely on processed foods to make dinner easier to whip up. Heck, half of the …
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The SparkPeople Cookbook: A Recipe for Healthy Pizza Margherita


  The team at SparkPeople has done it again! Following their first book The Spark, which we loved, the free weight-loss site now has a cookbook to add to its list of accomplishments. And a tasty one at that! The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight, is full of tips, tricks, …
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