3D Fat Burn Fusion: There’s Nothing Sweet About These Sixteens (But Man Are They Effective!)

3D fat burn fusion, Linda Larue, DVD review, core, belly fat, ab workout

It's baaaack. Just when you thought your abs were safe, Linda LaRue has released her latest and greatest workout DVD, 3D Fat Burn Fusion, which promises to help you target and tone stubborn core muscles and smoke off your belly fat—fast. This DVD consists of two workouts. The first workout is the …
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Review: Core Fusion Power Sculpt (with Giveaway!)

core fusion power sculpt

Since I've been training for a half marathon, I've found myself craving workouts that allow me to stretch my running muscles. There's been a lot of yoga happening in this household, is what I'm saying, and I've really slacked off on the strength training. Core Fusion Power Sculpt just debuted the …
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Core Fusion Cardio: Pure Intensity DVD Review (and Giveaway!)

core fusion cardio pure intensity dvd

We all have our go-to workout buddies, and a lot of times, we have specific types of workouts we do with them. I mean, I have friends I've run with for years, but we've never done any sort of strength training or yoga together. And I don't know what it would be like if we did—would we bring that …
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