Who’s Your Favorite Fit Bottomed Dude?

Bob Harper is definitely a Fit Bottomed Dude we like to flex with and oogle.

If we've learned anything this week, in which we've done nothing but write for Fit Bottomed Dudes, it's that we love men. They're funny, encouraging, witty, dedicated, sweet, inspirational, hard-core and everything in between. Just like FBGs, Fit Bottomed Dudes come in all shapes and sizes, and we …
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Curtis Stone’s Recipe for Crunchy Pecan-Banana Coffee Cake Muffins


Whether it's for a quick breakfast on the go or an after-dinner bite, everybody loves a muffin. Heck, even Lady Gaga likes to bluff with her muffin. (We're sure she's talking about baked goods...right?) So when Chef Curtis Stone (whom we chatted with yesterday!) offered to share one of his Post …
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