A Detergent for Funk-Free Workout Clothes and a Clean Yoga Mat


The cleanliness posts just keep coming! (Seriously --- we're like obsessed lately.) But, if you've ever had to re-wash --- or even toss --- a workout top or a pair of shorts due to them smelling too funky for words, then you know just how important this topic is. Like Tish said in her recent Fit Tip …
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5 Eco-Friendly Finds for Summer


Yep, it's summer! And here at FBG HQ, we've been trying more and more to make green, earth-friendly options whenever possible. So, here are just a few of the things that have caught our eye for that summertime healthy and eco-friendly fun! 5 Eco-Friendly Products for Summer 1. Sia Botanics …
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When the Best of Earth-Friendly Intentions Go Awry

baby feet

I've always been fairly environmentally conscious. I recycle as much as I can. I try to walk to run errands whenever possible. I conserve electricity and gas to help both the earth and my budget. And when my daughter arrived, I had the best of intentions to cloth diaper. I really did. As you …
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Tish’s 3 Favorite Healthy Foods

Credit By: lisatozzi

We’re hungry! And talking about food for this round of Question of the Week, which asks each FBG, “What are your three favorite healthy foods?” Tough one… J Thizzle is right...choosing just three was difficult at first, but then I got all dramatic (like I'm prone to do) and decided that in …
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Eco-Friendly Flip Flops We Love: Okabashi Maui


Why are all of the FBGs discussing green fitness stuff this week? Because it's Fit Bottomed Earth Week, silly! We've never been quiet about the fact that we love a good flip-flop. Okay, they don't even have to be that good. Cheap and comfortable works for us. But with so many flip-flops in our …
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