Post-Baby Body: I’m Easier on Myself


Over on Fit Bottomed Mamas, we've talked a lot lately about cutting ourselves some slack. From telling your inner critic to take a hike to writing yourself love letters, we've been all about self-love. I talked about whether moms are aware of the comments they make about their bodies now that they …
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A Super Scooter for Kids and Kids at Heart (and a Giveaway!)


We get to try a lot of seriously cool products around here, and my most recent trial might be one of my faves. It might also be one of the largest review items I've ever received in the mail. Scooters are all the rage these days—at least if you judge by the kids scooting around my neighborhood, …
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A Reader’s Tips to Deal with a Stubborn, Unhealthy Family

Today’s post on dealing with an unhealthy family is part of FBG’s Back to Basics Week that features the best beginner fitness and beginner nutrition posts that help you to be a little healthier and—in theme with the week—a little smarter. Read on to learn how, in her own words, reader Beth Osborne …
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